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There are hardly the users that are away from Instagram or not using Instagram. Individuals use this application for personal use and entertainment. There are many businesses that promote their services through social media and by posting links in Instagram post.

You can either access it through the smartphone or via PC. To expand your engagement and to increase your followers you can use the links in various formats, you can post it into the profile’s bio section, image posts, video posts, etc. Because of spam issues, Instagram doesn’t allow the users to post the links in captions. 

Below you’ll get an idea to post a link to Instagram.


Instagram has provided a separate section to show your interest and details about your personality on the Profile’s Bio section, here you can also paste your official product endorsements links, collaboration links, blogs link, etc.  When you are setting up your profile, you can mention one link in the dedicated link slot.

You can edit these links daily to land up the users and to keep updating them with the respective useful contents and services. 


When we post anything on Instagram, we tried hard to find catchy, interesting captions to post it with your photos and videos, so more and more followers and users will like your post. If you’ll try any normal link in your caption area, it will be transferred into a non-clickable format.

Users can only reach you when they will copy and paste the Url in the search bar which makes the process lengthy and also makes the caption look bad.

  • To increase your Instagram leads, you can transform these URLs into the standard clickable link format. There are many tools that are available over the web to change the format.
  • For any kind of paid promotions, such URL shortener tools are beneficial, as you can track the activity of users and also create a fanbase or earn a potential audience for your products.
  • You can associate yourself through Google Analytics to check the engagement with the mentioned links of subjective products.

If you want users to search your old posts easily, you can highlight the most rated and liked posts on your profile page with respective landing pages links. For this, you can try on different link management tools like LinkinBio, LinkinPhotos.


You can try a link tree to arrange your latest blog post, activities, and Amazon shop businesses. You just have to choose a color style and colorway, that complements your posts, with the appropriate action button.


Like Facebook, Instagram also provides a way to post your status update in the form of stories, it lasts only for 24 hours on the Homepage of Instagram. You can put your product links here to promote your seasonal events, launching date of new products, and many more things.

If you are an Instagram user, you must have seen that swipe up post option, swipe up is like a destination link, by clicking on that you land up to the other product-related page, You can use stickers, Gifs, and images to share your stories with your followers. 

People can react to these stories through text and emojis. If you have set your privacy settings to private mode, any user that is not added in your follower’s list, won’t be able to see your Instagram stories.

Once the 10,000 followers have added to your list, the stories and all the contents will be visible to all your individual followers and other Instagram users.

Make the stories link more emphasized for the followers by trying the following ways:

  • Use a highlighter and pen color.
  • Make the swipe up more line more interesting with emojis and Gifs.
  • If the Link is related to a specific person or want to vote someone, or want to increase the followers and visitors on your brand page or other social media platforms.
  • By posting the links on the stories you can influence your audience and increase the traffic on active links.


If you manage the business, then Instagram can be helpful to create business-oriented posts to raise the business. You can add tags of the specific brands and your business houses, so more users can search your business using these tags.

You can create a product list, using the appropriate landing post links, images, and descriptions of the related products. Instagram allows you to arrange all your products with a dedicated shopping tab, on the profile, once you reach on the profile page, tab on the bag icon tab, all your products will be visible in a while. In such posts, you can tag your business partners and clients.

By using Instagram Insights, you can check the post impressions, like, or comments that the users have made on your posts.


You can use paid promotion options for the posts and stories, to raise the graph of potential audiences. You can use the Instagram ad posts links with the other post caption to land up the users on your shopping catalog tab. One thing you should remember that the links should be relatable with your posts.

If the user doesn’t find your posts valuable and fruitful, you may lose the followers. If the link is not directing the users on the appropriate destination post or brand, it will increase the bounce rate and all the money you have added for the Instagram ads will be wasted.


DM is a direct message or considered as the inbox, where you can chat with others. You can ask your queries in DM. When you posted the stories on Instagram, and when the other Instagram users share their views on your posts via emoji and text impressions, it will be directed to the DM.

You can drop your brand and product link in the DM section. If any user/ client has liked the brands or products, and if he needs any details about the brand or wants to contact you via call, you can set up an auto-reply message to them, this will help you to establish a good connection with your clients.

You can offer them discounts, can send them the active links of top products, all these things will increase the leads and will engage you with a huge group of potential customers.

IGTV Links

You have the opportunity to share the small Gif’s in the Instagram stories also you can post the video in the stories but this section has a limit of 15 sec. If you want to connect with your clients and followers, Instagram IGTV is the best to share long-length videos. 

IGTV videos are made up of the title, image/video, descriptions. You can put the clickable links with the IGTV descriptions. Near the title, you’ll see an arrow, when you tap on it, you’ll find the description of the post and also the link.

If in case you’re not getting the respectable amount of impressions on your posts, you can move on to other link strategies.

Action Buttons

Above we have mentioned all the best possible to increase the audience and followers for your personal professional visibility and engagement. Along with these options, you have some other ways to increase your brand awareness, which is known as the Action buttons.

Instagram allows its users to add on the Call, Text, Email, Directions, Start Order, Book, Reserve. You can also associate your brands with different partners.

As Instagram is only developed for the Mobile users/Audiences so all the action buttons we have mentioned here will not be visible on Desktop Version. 

Hope you have learned the method of posting links in Instagram appropriately.


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