Pieces of Tech That Will Put Your Apartment Block Above the Rest

Living in an apartment isn’t the same as living in a house. While living in an apartment block, you have to think about the rest of the people rather than just yourself.

Living here can be tricky because you have to get used to the technology of the building, and usually, you can’t add your own gadgets to it. This is why, before moving, you have to check and compare the technology on different buildings in order to choose the best one.

Now, let’s see some gadgets that might improve the overall feeling of your building!

Smart Locks

Safety must be your primary concern. Houses are indeed more prone to getting robbed, but apartments are too.

Having smart locks on each apartment will guarantee your safety and everyone else’s. With these, you can monitor who enters, who leaves, at what times, and more.

This way, you can rest soundly knowing that everyone’s where they are supposed to be.



Not every apartment has a laundry room, which is why most buildings have a laundry floor for all of the people living there.

Laundry rooms can be painful if they aren’t modernized, which is why you should look for this beforehand. Having laundry machines that work with coins is something from the past. As http://shinepay.co/ states, having coinless machines is also a safety measure because thieves don’t have anything to steal.

Doorbell Cameras

Having a hidden camera is a must nowadays. With the rise of online shopping, the stealing of packages is something that we have to deal with daily.

Having a doorbell camera can keep you safe in many ways. For example, you can look through the camera before answering the door, you can see who goes by your hallway, you can keep an eye on your packages if you’re not at home, and many more benefits.

Water Filtering Systems

Water is the vital liquid that keeps us alive, so why not have the best system to take care of it?

Pipelines can be dirty and filled with dangerous components, which is why you should always run your water through a filtration system before consuming it. Cities indeed have their own underground system, but it’s not as effective as having a personal one.

Buildings should have a system right before the water hits the tanks, and each apartment should have one too. A reverse osmosis filtration is the best way to filter your water as it’s capable of separating molecules, ions, and unwanted particles from your water to make it cleaner.

Water Filtering Systems

Smart Air Conditioner

We’re all tired of those old air conditioners on buildings, so why not look for an apartment that has an updated system?

Nowadays, air conditioners can be connected to a network so you can change the configuration and adapt it to your own liking through your phone. This system is essential, especially if you live in an area where you get all the seasons throughout the year.

Sometimes you might want it cold on those summer days, while other times, you might wish it would feel like a fireplace. All of this can be possible if you get an updated air conditioner that lets you customize the temperature to your own desires.

Smart Smoke Detector

Old detectors only notify you when they detect smoke from something burning – visible smoke.

What most people don’t know is that there could be dangerous gases in your apartment that are more lethal than just smoke. For example, there’s a high chance that you could have a gas leak on your kitchen, and you won’t notice because the smoke detector is not capable of detecting smells – and this could be deadly for anyone.

Smart smoke detectors are now capable of triggering an alarm when they sense carbon monoxide, smoke, and other dangerous gases. Also, they can send you a notification on your phone in case you’re not at home.

Final Thoughts

Looking for an apartment is not as easy as everyone thinks! You must look for the gadgets implemented on the building in order to know if it lives up to the technology standards of our era. If you’re the owner, you want to make sure everything is up to date so that you can rent your apartments with ease.

Safety and comfort should be your primary concern while deciding on an apartment. Smart locks, doorbell cameras, smart air conditioners, and smoke detectors are some of the essentials every residence should have nowadays.

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