How to Improve Digital Safety on Your iPhone?

We can’t keep the kids away from the phone. Kids love to play games, music, explore the web world and do other things. During this pandemic, the kids have become more attached to phones. They spend long hours on phones, laptops, and other gadgets for online classes. It is really hard to keep them away from their phones.

Set The Privacy Preferences To Keep Your Children Safe From Cyber Addiction and Risks

We store personal and professional data on our phones. We also manage digital transactions from phones using digital payment options. It is necessary to take the control of these apps in your hand or if kids get the accessibility you may have to face the outcomes. Not all gaming apps and sites are secured for kids. Some apps and games are available for free and some are paid. The parents are concerned about their kids’ development, so they are looking for ways how they can restrict their kids to visit several sites, apps, and other important data stored on the phone. 

To enable risk-free access to kids on mobile, many apps are available on the play store that iOS users can download and be stress-free while kids using the iPhone. 

Apart from these apps, users can also manage the iPhone settings and restrict access to many apps. Below, you can read how it’s possible to manage things for the safe usage of the iPhone.

Purchase & Downloads of new apps

We often hear the news that kids have spent thousands of rupees while playing the games to update the features, tools, advanced accessibility, or to upgrade the performance level. Long screen time and spending a couple of hours on apps make everyone addicted whether they are small kids or adults. To stop your kids from premium purchases and downloads, you should turn off a few options:

  • Access the main settings then go to screen time > turn on content & privacy restrictions.
  • Locate and tap iTunes & App Store purchases then tap on don’t allow it. By enabling password requirements, you may upgrade the security level, as whenever someone tries to download or make a premium purchase it will ask for a password.

The time limit for App Usage

Whenever kids ask to use a smartphone, parents hand it over with a condition of the screen time limit. Once the limit is reached, they will take it back but the reality is a way different, kids don’t leave the phone for hours. iPhone offers special features according to which the phone will not respond after a screen time limit and kids will return the phone on their own.

  • Access the Main settings app on your phone then find screen time.
  • You may choose from the given screen time options to keep your children away from the phone.
  • Set a downtime for the app usage.
  • Set timelines for a particular time on any app or app category.
  • Set the communication limit, facetime, calls, messages for different contacts, friends, or other groups.
  • While you are setting the priorities for different apps with respect to the usage time, you can also allow the permission to stay open all the time for important apps for emergency situations.
  • You may restrict the specific type of content and impose privacy restrictions on several apps.

Game center restrictions 

Games and apps are available for single users and multiple users. By allowing location access users are able to interact with nearby users. Not all people have good intentions, in that case, anyone can harm your children using social signals.

Many apps offer chat facilities while you are playing games so the abusive people can connect with their kids and locate them.

By making some security settings you may reduce the risk factor. You can manage these things under Main settings, Screentime,  content restrictions, game center.

  • Disallow screen recording. If the screen recording feature is on, people will try to navigate your bicarbonate on the basis of your location, background. As we all say, it’s not that difficult to search or locate a place in today’s modern world using location apps.
  • Disallow nearby multiplayer games or location accessibility.
  • Disallow personal or private chats while playing games.
  • Restrict the users to see your profile details, address, name otherwise things.
  • You don’t have to set a profile picture on such gaming platforms, set a default avatar image so Noone can identify your real identity.

By setting up all these things you’ll be able to protect your children from cyber risks.

Limit or block content 

You can’t sit everything around your kids, they’ll get irritated. Different types of apps, music, the content are available on the web and everything is easily accessible with the help of internet access on a single rap. Parents have a concern about what content they are surfing on the web. To restrict sensitive activities on the web you may impose restrictions on your iPhone facetime. You just have to access main settings > Screen Time > Content Restrictions. Here you may manage the filters, categories, and accessibility as per your concern.

Password & Account Settings

If your child knows the passwords and account insights, they may get access to modify the privacy and account settings on your phone. They can also remove the restrictions you have set. You may allow or disallow the permissions to make password changes, account changes, background app, sound, cellular data, and other important phone information. By setting these preferences, you’re getting full control of your phone. 

Once you set the password to get access to the app, the kids will not be able to use the phone after reaching a limit.

You need to spend a few minutes to schedule the ideal screen time and privacy changes on your phone. It does not charge anything in return. Also, you can see there is no need to install or download any third-party security & privacy apps to reduce the cyber risk and create a safe environment for your kids. Everything is easily manageable in a few minutes by modifying the phone settings preferences.

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