How to Fix Your Android Phone Keyboard?

As you have read the title, you may be aware of the topic of the discussion of this post. The keyboard is a kind of important part of our smartphone because with the help of the keyboard we can access the functionality and overall interface. Sometimes the Android phone keyboard stopped working which creates so much inconvenience.


Now we can’t type messages, can’t type to search anything on the web, everything just gets stopped. In this scenario, you must think to visit the mobile service center to get the general information as well as for genuine solutions to fix this problem. Before going to the mobile shop, have a look at the below factors that may get you to put off this, and also you can save your money by using these ways. 

Ways to resolve android phone keyboard problems

  • An excessive amount of cached files 

If at any moment you think that the keyboard is not working as efficiently as before or the letters are input on the text areas, the problem occurs in the keyboard.  We do a lot of things on our phone, that’s why a lot of cache files used the space on your phone, if these cache files didn’t delete on time, that can harm the internal functionality of your phone so just clean these entities as soon as you can.


There are two ways to remove the cache from your phone, firstly you can install a cache cleaner third-party app from the app store. Second,  you can do it manually by traversing a long path. Depending on the android phone model, the process may differ. You have to go to phone settings. Go to app >manage app option > keyboard > clear cache.


As the unnecessary files are trashed from your phone it will speed up your phone performance.


  • Language and input 

Your phone setting interface enables you to resolve and manage some of the common/ critical issues in a while. The keyboard issue can also be fixed from here. Go to the setting function icon and locate the language and input option . You can get it under the general settings or general management option. 


When you access the language and input option you can manage the functionality of the keyboard you can the onscreen keyboard in case you have connected a physical keyboard, change the system language, or manage which keyboard you want to use.


The functionality depends on your phone model. 



  • Autocorrect behavior is weird 


New words are emerging with our lifestyle, behavior, and actions. Nowadays we are using different types of slang words or short forms of words to save our time or to present ourselves as cool among others. 


Some words can be unrecognized by the system’s language and keyboard, and in that case, the words will get autocorrected by the system keyboard. If because of autocorrection of words and too many suggestions you aren’t able to input your text properly you may go to the settings section of your phone, then go to keyboard language and turn off the autocorrect functionality. 



  • Android keyboard is hanging(force stop)


The hanging problem is usually seen with the apps stored on your phone but the problem may also occur on the keyboard too. To fix this issue to the setting function app, locate the app, then manage apps, locate keyboard active on your phone in current, here you will see a ‘force stop’ hit on this. The keyboard functionality gets terminated shortly. It may solve your keyboard-related problems shortly.



  • Restart or power on/off the phone


It is the most common way that can resolve all the basic functionality issues in no time. You just have to press and hold the power button and the phone will be turned off. Then after a few seconds repeat the same steps to turn on the phone.



  • Download additional android or Google keyboard 


On the Google app store, many keyboard apps are available that have eased the life of many smartphone Betmoon
users. If it’s too long you’re using the same phone, and suddenly the keyboard stopped responding it might be because of the outdated version of the keyboard and that’s why now it is not compatible with your device. If you’re in the condition to change your phone soon, here is a way to solve the problem.


Without a keyboard, it will feel difficult to transfer the data also and access the different apps and Google services and apps.


In this scenario, you can go to the app store and by voice search functionality, give a command to search the keyboard for the android phone. You‘ll get the result to choose the one that secured good ratings and install it on your phone you can activate this recently downloaded keyboard from the setting function app:

Setting > general settings > language and input > keyboard.


Android Keyboard not visible

Above we have mentioned what you should do if the keyboard is not working on your phone apart from this sometimes the google keyboard does not appear on the app window. If you are unable to type the characters or letter on the keyboard here is the way we have made things possible for you.


If the text buttons are not appearing on the keyboard then you couldn’t connect with the WiFi-network, and couldn’t get the search results that usually appeared. You can disable and uninstall the google keyboard and download it again. Do check if it started working properly. If not then go to the search console of another phone as you couldn’t type and access the search bar. So take your friend’s phone in your hand and search for the google keyboard .apk file.


Share this file to another phone that is facing a problem with the keyboard then download and install it on that phone, enable the settings, and put this file to the download and installation stage.


Once the file is downloaded, go to the settings app of your phone.


The next step is to locate the Language and Input, check the activated keyboard on your Betmoon Güncel Giriş
phone, and look for the other available options.


Change the status of the keyboard by choosing the Disable option for the  Google Voice Typing and enable the mode of GBoard.


It is also one of the best alternatives to fix the keyboard visibility problem. Hope you all can get over this problem with this tip.


All these ways are so much effective to resolve the keyboard. We have tried to help you Betmoon Giriş
in the best possible way and to maintain your phone experience better with your keyboard problematic events.


No matter what kind of problem occurs in your device, one thing that matters to us is the data stored on the device. If you haven’t taken the right action soon you may lose full control of your data. So, whenever the device shows any unfamiliar act or is not working properly and save the data somewhere you can retrieve it.


If you don’t want to deal with it on your own, you can go to a mobile service center so he can make the needful arrangements for you although, you have to pay for this your phone will start working properly.

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