How Social Media Influencers Affect Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Social media influencers now play a big role in driving your business success in this digital age. According to a survey from Rakuten Marketing, 4 in 5 surveyed U.S. consumers reported that they had bought a product shared by an influencer on his/her social media page.

With the positive impact of social media influencers, it’s time that you should include influencer marketing in your digital marketing strategy. But the question is, how can social media influencers impact consumer behavior and purchasing decisions? Read on below to know the answer.

Influencers Help Your Brand Gain More Authority

Social media influencers have a huge social media following because they are experts in particular niches. By the help of influencers, there’s a high chance for your brand to increase its authority. If your brand boosts its authority, consumers will get interested in your products and services.

They Help You Earn Consumer Trust and Loyalty

Of course, you want your customers to trust and be loyal to your brand. Well, social influencers can help you with that goal.

When someone who has garnered a sizable following on social media endorses your brand, his/her followers will likely consider you as a trustworthy brand. They will purchase your products, and may also become loyal customers of your business. That’s the power a social media influencer wields.

They Widen Your Social Media Reach

Social media platforms are effective in communicating with your customers. And what better way to communicate with them but by using influencer marketing?

According to a study, there are 3.48 billion social media users in 2019. For sure, a majority of this number follows social media influencers. Users typically discuss, like, and share content posted by influencers. So, with the help of influencers, you can surely reach out to your target audience and affect their purchasing decisions.

Influencers Can Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Social media influencers create and share content that gets a significant amount of mentions online. Typically, such online mentions include a link back to your site. Thus, aside from promoting your products and services, influencers also help improve your SEO ranking and increase your website visitors.

However, you should make sure that your online mentions are relevant and helpful for your SEO strategies.

They Can Create Great Content for Your Brand

Many people are always looking for high-quality online content. Influencers are experts at creating relevant, high-quality content that a lot of their followers read and watch.

So, if you want your brand to be content-rich, you should take advantage of the expertise and popularity of influencers in your marketing efforts. Also, you should see to it that you have excellent software in creating content. I’m sure potential customers will flock to your brand in no time.


Social media influencers are transforming the way we do marketing in the age of social media. They are equivalent to television endorsers but with a much broader reach. So, you should consider hiring influencers if you want to reach out to your target audience and affect their purchasing decisions.

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