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Android offers multiple customization accessibility and user interface. There is a huge base of audience or users shifting to android smartphones from their iPhones. They are feeling much more comfortable with an android smartphone. One more reason people are accessing android smartphones is their easy customization function, interesting apps, and affordability. In the tech market, you can see that tons of apps are developing every day.

Take out some spare time to dig down the clever and interesting functionalities of Android phones. Google play app store offers multiple high-performance apps and utilities for android phone users. Multiple apps are working in front of our eyes and the hidden mode that we don’t pay attention to our phone.

10 utilities you can manage on the android phone

Here, we are unfolding some basic, utility tricks and tips to enhance the android phone experience and accessibility in this guide. 

Mirror or casting the android

Want to have a wide or large screen view experience with the Android smartphone. You can do so by screen mirroring. By casting your smartphone you can read your chats on a big TV screen, manage special media apps and get full control of their accessibility operating with your phone. Find the shortcut in the quick setting pane.


Another way to access screen mirroring is also available through the Google Home app. Access the app. Navigate to the cast device or mirror device option from the menu over there. Go to Chromecast,  now you can control things over the big screen.

Multitasking screen accessibility

It is wonderful accessibility that makes life easier for smartphone users. We use multiple apps throughout the day to view the photo gallery, videos, Youtube and other social media platforms, games, etc. If you want to do multiple tasks together, you can manage the screen view according to your preferences.

Access or tap on the center screen interface button. You’ll be able to see all the recently accessed apps. Hold the one and drag it to any corner of the screen. Do the same for other apps and arrange it. Now you can continue over two apps at the same time over the on-screen interface.

Quickly jump between multiple apps using double taps.

Zoom in/ Zoom out apps

To get a clear view of content and icons you have the accessibility to zoom in or zoom out according to your need. The adjustment and arrangement of icon size and content are limited to fewer apps. You can make adjustments from the settings app. 

Access Android Settings > Display Heading > Font Size 

Select Display size link

Now you can see the icons and apps in selected sizes.

Volume Setting

You can quickly customize the various audio and tone settings for notifications, phone calls, media, ringtones, alarms, etc.

Settings > Sound  > Volume slide the pointers according to the comfortable volume level. Although, you have the side buttons to customize the volume settings.

You can access the volume settings. 

Single app accessibility

It happens often that people borrow our phone to use its function basically to call someone. Some people have a bad habit of exploring their phone apps and their functionality. Your confidential and sensitive data may be stolen. To reduce such risk you can lock the screen to a single app that they want to access for a while on your phone. Now when they can’t dig into other sections of your phone.

To enable the screen pinning on your phone you don’t have to do much. 

Access Setting > Security > enable screen pinning.

Now go to the app that someone wants to use on your phone.

Tap on overview.

Open a recent app, locate the pin icon, and tap on it.

Disable Lock Screen

You can unlock your phone when you are in the range of your home or workplace, with voice recognition, or face. Phone manufacturing companies are enabling the smart lock features to get access or unlock the phone when you enter a specific location instantly. Fingerprint sensors also give instant access to the phone.

Access Settings > Security and Privacy > enable smart lock.

Your phone can unlock if you are in your car or any other Bluetooth device speaker.

System UI Tuner

A hidden menu is also located inside the android OS phone it shows the status of signals, notifications, battery life, different app icons. With the System UI tuner, you can make an appropriate selection of icons, different setting modes, and recent notifications. 


To enable system UI Tuner functionality, swipe down to view the quick settings pane, go to the top right corner. Hold the setting icon for a while, you will get a confirmation message. After doing this, a new menu option will be included in the settings menu and now you can display many other options to the status bar or system UI Tuner.

Set Up Defaults

You have the accessibility to set up different default apps for different accessibility of chats, browsing or searching content on the web, image gallery, etc. Go to Settings then Apps then the cog icon. Choose the favorite apps as your default apps. You can use social media apps, fitness apps, chatting apps as default apps.

Retrieve lost notifications

We receive too many notifications throughout the day. It accumulated to the phone’s status bar. Sometimes we remove them together without reading or checking each of them. Due to this immediate instant action, we lost the important updates. These notifications can be chats, emails, new app deals, or missed call alerts.

Now to retrieve the lost notifications, You can customize a new notification log on screen as a widget so if accidentally you lost something it can be accessed easily.

To set the notification log widget, activate the screen-adjusting mode, go to widget, access the settings shortcut to the new widget, from the list you need to click on Notification Log, and now you can check all the history of the notifications.

Single-handed phone access

We are using big-screen smartphones that we can’t keep in our pockets. We use both hands to chat or type or access phones. Now, you can operate your phone with a single hand. To do this you need to download or enable additional features like Google’s version default keyboard. Set your phone keyboard to google keyboard. 

Now just open the keyboard and press the comma for a while on the keyboard. You will see a right-hand icon that will give you the ability to set the phone to the one-handed mode or single-handed phone mode. After this, the keyboard will start adjusting according to the right-hand or single-hand mode. You can reposition the keyboard from the bottom and access the full view keyboard from the top. Decide how you want to access the keyboard of your phone and enable it accordingly.

Here the ten basic yet interesting tips guide ends. To know more about the technology tricks keep up with our blogs we will keep updated you with the new tricks and technology at this place in a simple language.

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