What is the characteristic of cloud computing?

Nowadays everything is available over the internet, all the things and resources, services, and tools are available on the web. It is the characteristics of cloud computing to access, manage, and manipulate the information from anywhere. Cloud computing facilitates on-demand services on a virtual platform.

Cloud computing is a well-established infrastructure of servers, storage, network, deployment software, and management software with the involvement of the internet. In this, application software is managed through remote locations.

When you access cloud computing, you get access to virtual infrastructure, virtual machines, virtual disk space, virtual tools, virtual security, etc. You can send emails, back up and retrieve data, create and test data, stream audio, and videos, and deliver the software on demand. Gmail, GoogleDrive, Google Photos, etc. Are some of the examples of cloud service.

Cloud computing creates a virtual environment on your system so the physical storage devices don’t have to take the load of the data. This memory space you can use for other applications.

Cloud computing is a setup of three different layers and every layer provides a set of different processes and resources. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS are the three different types of models involved in cloud computing.


IaaS is known as Infrastructure-as-a-service, so the user can access storage, networking, servers, and all the physical resources in a virtual mode instantly. It provides a base for all the remote services and high-level APIs.

The IaaS can be implemented on different versions of the cloud as public, private, or hybrid. You can take backup and restore all the things anytime, anywhere. Using this part of the cloud infrastructure model you can split the big data sets and get the information according to your uses.


PaaS is known as the Platform-as-a-service, which facilitates a virtual environment to develop, run and deliver the applications over the cloud, it reduces the complexity of the application development, the testing process is done at the virtualization mode. You can customize the tools according to your need and time.

The best thing about this PaaS is that the user doesn’t have to spend on the separate software system and its license. The entire lifecycle of any application is supported by PaaS, it has a separate set of all in-built software. You can see the insights of any software anytime. Cloud also provides security without any high charges.


SaaS is known as the Software-as-a-service. All the third-party applications are hosted from this model, now all the headache of managing and installing the application is gone. All small and big enterprises/ organizations are working on a cloud model. You just need to install a web browser on your system and need to establish an internet connection. All the services and software runs using a subscription package.

Saas provides a distinct type of cloud functionality for different organizations. You can choose software services according to your business needs.

Cloud computing has the following characteristics:

Resource Availability

Cloud computing is based on the multi-tenant model that utilizes multiple users on-demand. There are many different physical and virtual resources that are available in the cloud environment. The user can’t see those resources and also can’t manipulate and control from the remote location. He is completely unaware of the location of resources and data.


Cloud computing allows users to monitor server uptime, capabilities, networking resources, and virtual storage. Users have the power to monitor the functionalities.


Cloud justify the server configuration it is easy-to-maintain, the cloud provides 99.99% support for all the cloud-based applications. Cloud computing has reduced the server downtime problem. 

To make the user experience better cloud computing introduces a few updates over time so one can utilize the services smoothly. It makes the applications more compatible with the device’s functionality. You can consider these updates as a bug maintenance process.

High capacity network

With the arrangement of an internet connection and system, one can upload and download the data from the remote location at any moment. All the capabilities are accessible through the router over the internet.


You can scale up and scale down the resources with your requirements and usage. Cloud provides an ideal amount of storage to the respected user if at any moment the user demands an extra amount of storage cloud analyzes its services and facilitates its customer to a remote location.

Metered services

In the cloud environment, everything is maintained and accessed through the remote location automatically. It supports the range of metered services. Cloud analyzed its hosted services and allowed access to its users. Cloud provides a transparent atmosphere to monitor the consumption, control, and reporting of services. The host and consumer both can use this transparency feature.


Cloud computing is an affordable environment to access the service on demand. You just have to pay for once and space will be yours. You don’t have to take the monthly or yearly subscription.


Now all the organizations and companies are relying on cloud-based technology. They launch and develop their tools and services on cloud computing. The main reason is its advanced security. When you store your data over the cloud the virtual server creates a copy of the data and saves it on another server location, in the case of server failure users don’t have to worry about the access of data, as it is already secure.


Only the authorized user has access to data, the cloud provides quick and trustworthy access from a remote location to remote users. You just need a trustable computer device and a fast running network connection.


It is an attractive utility provided to cloud users. As you only have to pay for those services you are using at the moment, it keeps you free from extra usage and expenses. No extra hidden charges apply to the cloud services. When you pay for such cloud-based services, it facilitates the users with affordable extra space.

Cloud is a web-based platform that allows users to access services through the internet. IT managed service providers manage the server, monitor the servers, maintain the server and underlying software, it also maintains the server failure and troubleshooting.


IT companies purchase essential software and license for their business and organization. the service provider focuses on the quality services, if the provider is failed to deliver the optimum services the business houses will be out of the front line.

Cloud facilitates the hosts as well as the consumers with the numerous cloud-based services. It provides low-cost services for all the individuals running the small level, mid-level, large business houses. The cloud-based services make a positive impact on all the consumers with its low service access time and extend the speed of downloading and uploading.

IT companies keep the data in an excessive amount, to secure and manage the data they need disk space that is offered by the Big Data companies. But for the financial data and medical data users still feel little fear of storing it in the cloud atmosphere as we all know how confidential it is.

With the specific characteristics of cloud computing, one can take advantage of the on-demand, cost-effective services.

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