AirPods3 Features, the Right Time to Purchase [sale/offer]

Investing In Apple products is worthwhile for everyone. It is known for the extensive support of advanced features with new-gen technology. All the products are premium, high-quality, durable, and deliver top-notch performance. After the grand success of 1st gen and 2nd gen Airpods, the third-gen Airpods were ready to launch and impressed the people with their super features, voice, design, look.

Numerous hardware improvements have been made. Apple AirPods gen 3 is coming with innovative up-gradation and one of those is the Dolby Atmos spatial audio quality. For the entire details of why you should purchase AirPods3 read this blog till the end.

AirPods 3 Upgraded Features sets a statement


  • Long Battery-Life (6-Hours)
  • Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio
  • Quick Charging
  • MagSafe Support
  • Stylish Shiny buds
  • Easy Pairing
  • Gyroscope

There is a buzz around the tech world of Airpods3 launched this week (26th October 2021). Many features are inherited from the AirPods Pro but there are additional improvements made to the third-gen Airpods that make them different from the previous models.

Dolby Atmos, Adaptive EQ sound

The major attraction of this Airpods3 is hand-me-down and superb Dolby Atmos Spatial Sound, it stimulates the surrounding songs coming from any medium and offers great noise cancellation.

Airpods 3 have extended the feature of Gyroscope that captures and tracks the head movements and manages the virtual speaker positioning and gives you a wonderful listening experience eliminating all the surrounding noise (air, traffic sound, etc.). In AirPods2, Apple Music is supported with Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio quality; the accessibility has improved the sound quality of the content for conference Facetime Calls and Netflix.

Adaptive EQ comforts the ear physiology and adjusts the audio according to accuracy.

6 + Hours Battery

The AirPods case plays a significant purpose in running or standby time. In Airpods 3 the case quality has improved so as battery hours now you can plug-in AirPods for 6 hours and enjoy music, manage calls, and stream other Apps. It offers quicksand fast battery charging accessibility. You can use the AirPods for 1 hour on 5-minute charging. The Airpod case offers 30 hours standby time (battery life).

As it supports MagSafe so the charging cable will be connected from the case. These Airpods are light in weight so the charging cable gives the comfort you’ll surely love. It keeps the Airpod safe from accidental damage and mispositioning.

Buds Innovative Design and look 

The contour, tipless standard design finish makes the Airpod look different from other AirPod products. Airpods 3 are comfortable to wear for all individuals; it is comparatively less dangly. You can control different actions to manage calls and your favorite songs like play, pause, skip, answer, decline, with a single press.

The skin-detector sensor is quite amazing. It quickly activates when plug-in the ear and pauses once we hands-down or place it on a surface or table.

The pairing accessibility has gotten better than the AirPods Pro. When the AirPods are in the range of Apple Device it quickly connects to the device.

Another thing that people get stressed more about is water splashes, AirPods3 are certified with IPX4 standard ranking that ensures the AirPods can resist water, sweat events, you can go around anywhere on a rainy day or do exercise, jog, walk without caring about the sweat and water showers.

Every product has some cons so as the AirPods3:

  • Active noise cancellation is absent in the AirPods3.
  • Silicone Ear Tips are not available.

We have explained all the available features of Apple AirPods3. These are wireless devices/ gadgets that offer great listening without dangling. From 1st gen to now Apple AirPods are the talkative subject of the tech market. 

People who spend their time on trips, remote location meetings, video recording, reporting find these Airpods are comfortable. People are asking should we purchase the Airpods 3 now or wait for a while.

Wireless Charging Case does not come with airPods2 and that’s why the price is low for these AirPods. 

To compete with Apple Airpods many other brands have launched their AirPods at comparatively low prices but it can’t beat the support, accessibility, design, and build quality of  Apple products. If you’re comfortable with no wireless charging case, stick to the Airpods 2 as it is available at discounted prices. 

If you want to upgrade your status, comfort, and experience of Apple products and always want the latest variant of the products then you can pick AirPods3 but wait for a few months will be the best decision. As only 3 days have passed for the launch event so the buzz is active.

The wait will be worth purchasing AirPods3. Once a few months pass the price will come at a low price, the product will be categorized under hot & exciting deals segments of e-commerce sites. 

As the AirPods3 Recently launched so many sites are offering great deals and sale offers. As the new-gen AirPods have arrived in the market it doesn’t mean the 1st gen and 2gen Airpods are out of use; these are also wonderful at their standard. You can upgrade your AirPods with new-gen Airpods3 for a better listening experience and comfort.

Apple has cut down the original price for AirPods2(2nd gen AirPods) by 2000 INR. To grab additional discounts you can check out the deals on E-Commerce Sites Flipkart, Amazon the Diwali Sale is coming near so checkout for AirPods3, AirPods2, AirPods Pro Deals.

Apple is planning to roll out another new variant of AirPods; it will be available in Jan-June 2022. If you can wait for 8months then it would be nice. Compare the specifications of Apple AirPods3 with that new June released AirPods it will be worth for you.

It is always advised don’t buy the product just because it has recently launched, only when you need it and it’s worth your comfort. Saving is more important than a statement; this showoff can create a mess. Think before you invest in gadgets because every week the brands launch their upgrades of the products to make the user experience better.

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