5 Amazing Ideas to Increase Your Windows 10 PC Speed

PCs have become an invertible part of our lives. Windows 11 release date has already been announced that will boost up your productivity and accessibility to many decent apps and functionalities over Windows PC. Nowadays, many individuals are enjoying their work on Windows 10 Pc systems. Windows 10 offers high-level performance and speed as well as advanced security and accessibility keeping it secure and fast all the time.

Speed Up Your Windows10 PC With These Cool Tips

If you are a Windows 10 PC user read this blog carefully if you’re not then also read and share the knowledge with your friends.


This guide will let you know how you can boost up the speed of your Windows10 PC and optimize the CPU’s capabilities by making a few adjustments. There are so many unnecessary applications, tools, icons, or resources on your PC that down the speed and degrade the performance level. By setting up these things your PC will run faster than before.


So Let’s move on to the following ways!


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  • Windows 10 Tricks & suggestions
  • Disable Startup Applications
  • Balanced Power Plan Setting
  • Cleanup Temporary files
  • Remove Bloatware


Windows 10 tricks & Suggestion

It is an option that displays you timely tricks & suggestions notifications to update you that you don’t read frequently. Keeping it in disable mode will save the power of your PC. To access the All settings from the left side start menu list or you can go to the right side of the taskbar where most of the shortcut option accessibility is given, just select the Settings or All Settings.


  • Go to system > Inside it locates the ‘Notifications & Actions’> when you tap on that option then find the Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use windows, set the toggle on disable. Now, you’ll not receive any of the notifications related to tips & tricks. 


If you want to stay updated with the tips & tricks as a new PC user then leave this option as it is on. You can adapt some other tips to boost up the Speed.


Startup Applications

Startup applications are also responsible for consuming the power and speed of PCs. You can adjust or disable the no. of favorite applications that are activated just after the booting process and keep running up. Many applications we don’t use frequently so we can disable them to extend the power time. 


If multiple startup applications are activated on PC it leads to PC speed issues. 


  • To increase the issue use shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+Esc it will take you to the task manager window.


  • Select the Startup. Here you can see the programs list and their status mode.
  • Select the one you don’t want to interact with. A Disable button is available at the bottom tap on it. The application will stop running right after the booting/ startup of the PC.


It will save you from unnecessary interactions and disturbances of the startup applications. 


Remove Bloatware

Bloatware is responsible to reduce the performance, efficiency, and speed of the PC system. It consumes the disk space, power, and memory the problem is only resolved if the bloatware is resolved from the system. It stores the unnecessary processes which directly impact the speed and performance level consuming the power.


To uplift the speed of your Windows PC you should kick out the bloatware processes, file programs. You can do this from the Control Panel of your PC:


Type in Search Bar “Control Panel”.

Select “Program & Features”.

You will find the list of all scrap programs and processes. Select & Remove the processes as per the instructions.


After doing this, maybe the craps will not remove completely. To vanish the bloatware completely, many uninstaller software is available in the market that does not leave any unnecessary files and other process entries and action details in the system.


Find the software programs to remove bloatware and secure your system from craps. Improvise the performance of the PC.


Modify Power Settings

Many power modes, brightness levels are given in settings that users can modify as per their convenience. To stop the battery from Consuming early we set the PC on battery saver mode but because of that activation PC speed and performance get affected. The applications start running less efficiently.

Tech experts suggest you should not do that. Instead of that you can try other ways like you can adjust the brightness level from low to medium. To work proficiently you should do your work on a high-performance level.

To set up the power option professionally, access the Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Power Options. You can check this in the picture below

A balanced Plan is far better for perfect performance and saves the battery from excessive usage.

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