10 ways to resolve the USB connectivity issues

It is one of the common problems while users are trying to connect their PC with other devices using a USB cable. It shows errors in many ways. To fix the issue of USB connectivity you can try the following ways. 

How to Connect a USB With a PC?

USB connection mode

While you connect a USB cable from a phone to Pc and you’ve restricted to transfer the files because the USB connection mode is not defined well. Whenever the USB cable is connected to a PC it shows options to know which type of connectivity is needed because using a USB cable we can also charge our phone. 

If the connection mode is set on charging how can the files transferred. Change the connection mode to file explorer to see and access files, images stored on phone, and now you can select and transfer files between the PC and android phone.

Defected USB connectivity ports and cables

Most of the PC, we use in our daily life are designed with distinct USB  ports that serve different purposes and functionality. If your device is unrecognized by the PC it may be because you have tried to connect 2.0 USB on 3.0 port. Or if the PC has 2 2.0 USB ports the other reason is that the port is not designed to allow your device to recognize. 

A PC comes up with multiple USB ports if you are having issues in connection, use another port to establish the connection between your phone and PC. Normally the problem may be with the port or cable that got defected or broken. 

By changing the cable you can be successful in transferring the files.

MTP mode

To connect a device with the PC as a media device, an MTP driver is installed on the PC that lets your device get MTP accessibility. If you’re unable to connect or access  MTP functionality it may be because the driver is not updated for a long time. 

The device manager on your PC gives you info on what drivers and software are installed on your PC.


  • Go to the start menu search bar and type the device manager or you can hit the shortly key win+X to find out the device manager.
  • Connect your phone with a PC.
  • Now locate portable devices, if your device name is appeared here, select and right-click on that, a pop-up menu will appear, click on the updated driver.
  • A window will appear on the screen with the message to ask what kind of driver you want to install, then you can perform an instant search action to find out the compatible driver available on your PC and select the MTP USB device. After that hit the ‘Next’ button.

Now your android device will be turned into an MTP device.

Android file transfer utility for MAC 

If you’re using a Mac and having connectivity issues then it may be a lack of android file transfer utility. Windows users have the benefit to transfer the files directly from an android phone. But it does not with the Mac you need to use the accessibility to make a bridge to transfer the files from an android device to an iOS device.

This accessibility is available on the android official website. Download it from the official site and arrange it in the application folder. You can use the command + Space key to locate and launch it. 

Now, use a USB cable to establish connectivity between your phone and the PC. Now the android device will display in this utility app. Now, you are free to transfer the files from any android device to your Mac.

Update your Mac operating system

The Windows operating system is designed with a lot of ease of accessibility features that make your user experience better and that continues in the absence of the latest OS version. But in Mac, if the operating system is of the older version you may lack functionality in accessing a few functionalities. So, if your Mac does not recognize your phone it may be because your Mac is running on the older version of iOS.

To restore the connectivity, you should update the version of the Mac so you can continue with the functionality. To update the os version you can locate the Apple Logo on the top-left corner. To know about Mac.

If it shows ‘updates available’ click on the updates to download the software. Once the software updates are downloaded on your system and then try to reconnect it.

Uninstall unnecessary Android connectivity tools

Phones come with so many inbuilt connectivity solutions that don’t need much for the connectivity by creating problems in tethering. Because of these obstacles, the PC fails to recognize the android device.

Please clear all these unnecessary things from the system. After removing you can try to establish the connection again and transfer the files easily.

Troubleshooting action for connectivity

Whenever you face difficulties in establishing a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth connection or other things simply run the troubleshooting action to resolve the problems. Windows 7 gives a similar experience as its desktop operating system XP versions but when Windows 10 version emerged it was designed with advanced functionalities and utilities that make the user accessibilities easier and comfortable.

If you connect the android device with the PC and it is showing on your PC but not able to transfer the files then you can perform a ‘troubleshoot external android device’. In the latest updates of Microsoft, the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter functionality has been removed from the menu list. But you can run this option running by the command option.

  • Hit the command Win+X.
  • Type this command line: msdt.exe- id Device Diagnostic.
  • In the Hardware and devices troubleshooter accessibility action to check the issues of the connectivity. Once the troubleshooting action is done, it will give you a few ways to fix and resolve the issues. 

You can also access this troubleshooting action from the All settings app. Now go to update and security settings. On the left side, you will see the troubleshooting option.

You will see a list of hardware and devices, to access the troubleshooting for any of them.

Wifi activation/deactivation

If the Wi-Fi functionality is on it creates disturbance between the path of tethering. Please turn off the Wi-Fi mode from the control center with one swipe. So it will make the connectivity easier.

APN settings

By making some changes in APN settings it will help you to connect the android device, set the APN type to default or dun, and proceed with OK.

Other ways to transfer the files for USB connectivity

All of the above ways help you to fix the issues of connectivity but if you are looking for another way to make this file transfer process successful, you can install apps available for android devices file transfer connectivities.

Although, the methods we have mentioned above, are successful to fix the connectivity issues. If the PC and device both enable the visibility mode and discoverable mode then it will let you access the files and media files on your devices.

To transfer the files, many alternative methods are available on the web that you can use in urgency.

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