Windows 10 wipes out all my settings on every login

There is a couple of things as annoying as getting your Win system all set up simply such as you desired to see all your diligent work and custom settings are gone whenever you sign in. Exactly what is going on? Our post has the answer for an exceptionally disappointed reader’s issue.

I have gone through this problem earlier. Windows loads a void profile rather than the existing one, something beforehand seen with Windows 7, and now Windows 10 also, yet the working framework has not changed that much in this angle.

One thing that can work is expelling the influenced profile from the profile list in the registry:

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

The issue profile will have two organizers beginning with the same GUID, one with a .bak expansion and one without. Rename the one without the .bak expansion to something else (include a .tmp augmentation, for instance), then expel the .bak expansion from the one that has it (which has your right profile settings).

Reboot and sign in as you ordinarily would. Your settings ought to be back to typical. In the event that regardless you confront the issue read the full article here;

Run “Regedit”

Taking a gander at the registry editorial manager, I searched my way to the key as said and found the profile that had the issue. The long numeric ID envelope for that profile will have two organizers:- one without .BAK expansion and indicating DEFAULT client profile, and the other with indistinguishable numerical ID, yet took after with .BAK augmentation demonstrating my client name in ProfileImagePath.

Now you should rename the one with DEFAULT client as having .TMP extension and evacuate .bak expansion from the profile with your client name.

Go File\Exit and reboot. Login as you regularly do with your username and secret key. All my client settings, records, and profile were back on once I took after those directions.

On the off chance that you don’t feel great tweaking Windows Registry – Don’t do it! Contact your IT bolster individual. In the event that you overcome enough – take after those headings. Grin They worked for me, however I expect no obligation regarding your PC. Continuously archive your strides while altering Registry so you can re-track. Great free program for keeping notes and screen shots from any gadget you possess (or even PCs you are altering – to get to your notes login into web interface) is Evernote. Make your FREE create here.


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