Why Technology is Shifting with Type-C USB ports and connectivity?

Nowadays all the devices are designed with USB Type-C ports. USB Type-C cables are available for data transfer, charging, and other device communication. All the tablets, laptops, and smartphones are designed with the USB Type-C port. It is designed with a 24-pins USB connector. All these USB Type-C follow USB-IF that was launched for the first time in the year 2014 and after that, all the brands have started working on this futuristic technology matter.

There are desktops, TV, Monitor, Powerbank, Docking Station, Mobile HDD, Wall Output, Scanners, Printers, Camera, AV switches, etc. USB Type-C has comparatively higher advantages to type-A and type-B. Some of them are mentioned here. Read and understand the facts and advantages of this new modern-age connectivity resource for faster data transfer, charging, and other purposes without depending on branded charging cables.

9 Main Properties of USB Type-C port cable

Following are 9 combine properties that define the USB Type C cables and ports significance in the technology world:

  • Symmetrical
  • High Power Delivery
  • Speed
  • Reversible
  • Size
  • Safe & Secure
  • Long Life
  • Compatibility & Support
  • Universal Manufactured independent port


USB Type-C is designed to be symmetrical so we can insert it into the port in any way. It enables the faster connection comparatively better than the Type A and Type B.

High Power Delivery

When USB Type-C connects to 5A or 20V it can produce 100 watts of power energy and charge the device faster no matter if it’s a power bank, laptop, or phone every device can charge in no time. USB Type-C enables high power delivery and disk data, it is more than enough from USB type A and USB type B. In USB Type-C power flow on both sides.


Type-C USB supports 3.1 standards; it is an advanced-level USB cable. We can extend the speed from 5Gbps to 40Gbps. You may hear about different USB standards such as 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 which define its speed. In all of these three standards USB Type C 3.0 and USB Type-C 3.1 enable faster data transfer.

If we connect high-performance USB, with compatible devices and ports, data transfers with faster speed and also enables fast charging. 


You must have heard this word about the USB Type-C cable. Reversible cable is an improvement that has evolved over the years with the advancement of the technology market. USB Type-A and USB Type-B cables do not support this reversible property that enables connectivity from both sides. Only USB Type C is designed with reversible connectivity to manage the faster and convenient data transfer and power supply.

In the tech market, two types of USB Type-C cables are available.

Two-sided Type-C connector 

One-sided Type-A and one side type C connector


USB Type-A and USB type-B have higher height and width that take much space while Type-C USB has a smaller size and looks slim and that’s why it is convenient to connect with smartphones, laptops, and other devices that have a Type-C port. Because of the smaller size, dust particles can’t enter the ports that manage the cleanliness.

Safe & Secure

The idea of USB Type-C authentication is proposed by the USB implementers forum to manage the problem of non-compliant chargers. USB Type-C can reduce malware threats and enable higher security and support. This program arrangement manages the hardware connectivity difficulties. USB Type-C cable manages uniform dataflow, current, or power supply.  When the type-C cable is plugged into the port there is no suspicious event and no interruption will happen.

This USB Type-C authentication program arrangement will keep the malicious events away and ensure safe and secure data flow. In the case of non-signature USB Type-C devices, no connection will be acceptable by devices and there is no data transfer and current flow process will be possible.

This USB Type-C authentication program complies with all the standards of the electrical, mechanical and environmental and enables the guaranteed, verified convenient user experience. 

Long life

USB Type-C is a great resource of durability better than USB Type-A and Type-B. USB Type-C has more insertion and removal cycles that are responsible for this performance delivery. USB Type-A and USB Type will be operational for 1500 cycles whereas the Type-C USB will be productive for a long time. 

USB Type-A and USB Type-B are designed without a leaf-spring it is available on the device’s jack. When you connect or disconnect USB cables, pressure is applied on the device ports that impact the durability. But USB type C cables are designed with a leaf spring; this design does not impact the port’s connection and ensures the safe insertion and removal. Because Of the USB Type C cables your expensive designs are secured and deliver high performance, as well as faster data transfer.

Compatibility & Support

All the best brands are designing their products and devices considering only one thing that they can provide and accept universal support. USB Implementor Forum has developed this USB type-C, these ports are included in every brand and their products- Microsoft, HP, Dell, ASUS, Samsung, etc.

USB Type-C is compatible with all the connector modes HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, MHL, DisplayPort Alternate Mode. You can stream Ultra HD 4K resolution video, on any devices, monitors, devices, laptops, etc.

USB Type-C is configured with every device and establishes third-party interfaces. You just need an adapter and things will be manageable and convenient. Type-C is universally accepted everywhere in every device, every connector mode, and interface.

USB Type -C is the futuristic connection resource that is reliable, compatible, durable, secure, and safe for all devices.

Universal Manufactured independent port

All the big brands are launching devices and products with type-C port support that can connect with laptops, smartphones, and all other devices. There is no need to depend on any specific manufacturer charger you can use anyone. Now, you can charge any device with any charger. These USB Type-C cables are compact in design, offer quick charging, faster data transfer rate with different cables(type-C).

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