Why does my phone keep freezing

Hanging or Freezing of mobile phone is really the worst thing which nobody wants to face. After extend use almost all the android phones or any smartphones available in the market starts freezing or my phone is hanging whether they belongs to popular names of market such as Samsung, Nokia, Micromax.

Mobile Phone Hanging and Freezing?

Why does my phone keep freezing
Why does my phone keep freezing

Apart from that sometimes a new phone might also hang up suddenly while working. Today’s smartphones are small version of laptop or computer, which contains External Memory, RAM, various operating systems such as Android, Windows or Symbian. It also has processors, camera, Graphics and much more. And if they gets hang up then why can’t smartphones. It may create inconveniences for you since you may live without your most loved food however you cannot go on without your phone for a single day.

How to stop your Phone from Freezing and Hanging

  1. To prevent mobile freezing you should prefer to install and save the data in the external memory. Try to keep internal memory free so when user launches any application it could get enough space to be stored in memory.
  2. Try to remove unnecessary applications. If you seldom or rarely use any application then its better to remove it from your phone so that it could clear the space to store useful software. In future if you again need to use the application then you are free to install it again.
  3. Keep only those topics which you are utilizing right now and move rest of them in your system. Following this will not only free up memory however also accelerate your mobile speed and prevent Mobile Hanging .
  4. Never run those applications which don’t appear to be upheld by your phone such as disparity in screen resolutions, running applications which are good with higher Os.
  5. Clean up memory space by removing HD movies, songs, recordings, wallpapers, old messages, contacts, applications and documents which are not being used subsequent to long to PC. Import them back at whatever point required.
  6. Don’t run heavy applications on your smartphone if it doesn’t host enough RAM.
  7. Prefer smart antivirus for your mobile phone that could save your device with bugs or viruses. Erase unnecessary cache files and cookies.
  8. If you are utilizing an ordinary smartphone, ensure you don’t run different applications in the meantime.
  9. While surfing web don’t run different tabs or play out various tasks since it slow your processor backs off processor and expends part of RAM.
  10. Free up inner and in addition outside memory as much as you can by erasing/moving pointless records.
  11. Keep your phone software updated

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