Ways Technology Is Changing the Courts

In the last two decades, technology has completely changed our lives. We now have access to so many devices and gadgets that make our lives easier and better documented. Technology has also made a significant influence on the justice system. 

Victims of slip and fall injuries, brain injuries, car accidents, wrongful death cases, dog and animal bites, and work-related injuries, stated the Brampton personal injury lawyers, can now utilize technology to help document and make their cases stronger. 

We’re going to go over all the ways technology is changing the court system nowadays. 

 technology is changing the court system


With so many people having their smartphone on them almost anytime they’re out and being able to install cameras in cars, cameras have changed the amount of documentation we have. 

When an accident happens, immediately people can start recording on smartphones everything that’s going on. You can snap photos easily as well. These can then be used as evidence in a court case. A few decades back, we didn’t have as much access to recording things in this way. 

Another considerable advancement in recording footage is with cameras in police cars and on the chest of police officers. In years before, it was just the cops word over yours. Now, we can document all interactions between the police and civilians. 

 recording footage is with cameras in police cars
recording footage is with cameras in police cars

GPS Evidence 

GPS’s aren’t just for trying to find a location while driving anymore. There are GPS systems in our phones, computers, cars, and almost any device we own nowadays. These can be used to understand where a suspect’s whereabouts are currently, and where they were at the time of the incident. 

This is an excellent thing for the justice system because it’s concrete evidence of where people are or were. However, it’s not always accurate as a suspect could have left their phone at home, or used another person’s car when the crime happened.

Overall, this is a much more accurate way to know people’s locations rather than trying to get other people’s testimony about the suspect’s whereabouts during the crime.

GPS systems in our phones, computers, cars,
GPS systems in our phones, computers, cars,

Social Media 

It’s legal to use your social media against you in court, so always be mindful of what you’re posting on your pages! If you’ve posted something that you think might hurt your chances of winning, don’t delete it. 

Deleting posts or comments can cause serious consequences. It can be considered as tampering with evidence, and with modern technology, attorney’s are going to be able to figure out if you’ve deleted anything. This will make you look bad and can hurt you in court. 

Social media can also work against you when you claim one thing in court, but post otherwise on your pages. In the case of Largent v. Reed, one party stated after the accident that she was 

left with severe physical and mental trauma and pain. Still, on her social media, she had photos of doing daily activities and enjoying life. 

It was brought up in the courtroom, and she had to hand over her Facebook login, and it was further inspected. 

The Bottom Line

In ways, technology has made the justice system more accurate. Instead of he said, she said, that went on a lot in the past, we now have so much more physical evidence thanks to the technology that can be used. 

It makes the job of the judge and jury easier and brings justice to those in the right.

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