Top Players in NFT Marketplace Competing with OpenSea

OpenSea is a highly popular NFT marketplace across the globe that supports more than 150+ cryptocurrencies and 12+ NFTs in Art & Music categories.

OpenSea regulates the online marketplace of non-fungible tokens from New York City. OpenSea enables easy NFT trading through millions of wallet registrations and got so much fame since it entered but in the year 2020 OpenSea has faced serious glitches and functionality errors to its mint accessibility. 

OpenSea Bugs has Made the Way for Other Marketplaces

NFT marketplace has made an outstanding comeback in the year 2021 with a business benchmark of $25B. OpenSea is roaring in the NFT marketplace but some of the top-performing marketplaces operate in the same domain and users have found them quite reliable, safe, and secure with rich benefits.


It’s been a while on this platform but Rarible has collected a higher amount of traffic volume to OpenSea. 2021 was a struggling time for Rarible but when the news came out of OpenSea bugs and glitches, things changed for Rarible and NFT marketplaces. It has given a sudden boost to Rarible trading volumes as users have moved ahead with other options.

Now, Riddle is emerging as one of the competitors of OpenSea. Rarible is adapting futuristic technologies like Solana, Flow, Tezos, and Polygons and setting the benchmarks for other NFT marketplace to be on top.


Zora is the second NFT marketplace yet to be in trend in the coming days. It has to lead a long way to include as the top best-performing marketplaces. The platform is creating history with the popular purchases of meme coins (Dogecoin, catcoin, others).

Zoro does not charge any trading fee for purchasing, selling, or listing the NFT assets. The platform offers great benefits for the creators by giving them full freedom of defining their own prices, reselling & royalties access. It functions as a media registry protocol.

The downfall and bugs have badly impacted the position of OpenSea and that has made the place into another NFT marketplace. While OpenSea was trying to fix and resolve the accessibility it turned out to be a golden time for other NFT marketplace growth and success. To get back its position in the top marketplace OpenSea has to make a lot of modifications regarding safety, security, and accessibility.

CoinBase NFT

It is one of the widely known marketplaces for crypto trading and investing activities since its launch in the year 2012. This crypto exchange has a tough base of investors and traders with a count of 89M+. The website has launched and the NFT plan is also processing a. Many people have registered for this in advance so that they can get early access to this.

Most of the activities will follow up the Ethereum investment and peer-to-peer trading network with the aim to support the futuristic evolution of blockchain technology. Lazy Lions, DeadFellas and Coinbase roped together to launch creative ideas.

Evergrow Coin

This marketplace has also decided to make a debut in the NFT marketplace complying with NFT lending protocol. It has introduced loan accessibility to initiate project ideas using digital assets.

It has made an initiative as a reflection token to facilitate the daily investors with BUSD also the investors are able to access passive income without handling the assets. This platform also supports the activities powered by Ethereum and gives relaxation over gas fees. 14% tax fee will apply on transactions. Investors can earn rich profits through EverGrow Coin.


It is quite different from the Coinbase NFT marketplace as it does not comply with the networking mechanism of peer-to-peer. It collects the assets data on the FTX network. One more significant difference between Coinbase and FTX is that it is based on and follows the blockchain mechanism of Solana.

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