Top 10 Accounting Software in India

Business organizations, whether large or small, require considerable help to keep their accounting practices correct, successful, receptive and appropriate. For this, organizations and people have tested with a broad number of processes that involve legacy accounting or bookkeeping software to cloud solutions and even the much latest AI tools. Nowadays, the solution or service providers have inundated the market with a range of software tools to deal with each type of accounting requirement and procedure. But, prior using a solution, it is important to notice different attributes such as integration and operation charges, work amount, competence, safety, dependability and productivity that administer your choice.

To ease your search and allow implementation of the correct interface for your business and accounting requirements, here are top 10 best accounting software in India with attractive features:

  1. Tally ERP 9.0: This software is one of the newest and accepted providing of Tally Solutions that has administered to stay the industry head as the previous 2 decades. The Tally ERP 9.0 is sought after via many organizations all over the world and may be successfully used crossways domains like accounting administration, financial exposure, payroll, sales, manufacturing and inventory administration. Tally ERP 9.0 is present online and may be downloaded like free software for tryout. For better outcomes and improved output in bookkeeping practices, a number of documentation courses are offered via well-known training firms and accounting specialists. Tally ERP 9 has detained its place in the market for several years that it has become one and the same with bookkeeping software. Its straightforwardness has created it a popular selection amongst users. TallySolution is Indian accounting software; it is assisting more than a million businesses all-inclusive with range of bookkeeping and financial solutions.

Features of Tally ERP:

-Finance supervision

-Accounting administration

-MIS exposure

-Payroll administration

-Branch organization

-Inventory supervision

-Purchase statement

-Sales statement

-Job work and manufacturing

-Point of Sale or POS

-Internet dependent

  1. Zoho Books: Zoho Books is trendy accounting arrangement that is regularly sought via small and developing businesses. This is accounting software that may be run on any device linked to the Internet; Zoho Books is cloud dependent software that assists you in accessing your information from anywhere. Online dealings with Zoho Books have created business lot simpler. The software is paramount known for its instinctive, simple-to-employ and intellectual attributes that assist in managing investment, cash-flows, payments, invoicing and GST filing requirements of its users. Next to being extremely inexpensive, the software device is powered safety, support and uptime attributes that help organizations to take precise and data-driven verdicts in addition to use internet for creating and attaining payments and receipts on a sole interface.

Features of Zoho Books

Make personalized invoices and get remunerated quickly with its online expense alternatives.

-Estimation Management
You do not need to expend hours creating estimates and statements. With Zoho Books, making estimates is a thing of a few seconds. Once they are taken, change hem to invoices with a single click.

-Client interface
Distribute present transactions, speed up estimate agreement procedure, grab response, and allow your customers make bulk reimbursements with the client interface.

-Expense administration
Checking accounts billed would represent you where your business stays and assist you create short and long-term business verdicts. With it, you may check your bills; have an eye on your expenditures, document client credits, and lot more.

-Bank settlement
Understand the whereabouts of your cash with Zoho Books. Even if you embrace a sole bank account or various, it makes your bank settlement unproblematic.

  1. Giddh accounting software: Established in the year 2016, Giddh started its expedition via initially introducing very fundamental accounting software and slowly changed their center of attention completely to non-inventory bookkeeping. They have a plan to get into different domains at once.  Giddh initiated with a group of 4, but has come to 12 employees coming up with pioneering suggestions in the niche of accounting each day. Giddh is inventive software made for undertaking invoicing, accounting and associated activities. This software permits users to append and administer accounts and distribute the status with related stakeholders through e-mail or a safe link that would be active for 24 hours. A user may create, import or export ledgers from any current software, make invoices and make updates in the individual payment condition, etc.

Features of Giddh Accounting Software

GST conformity, dashboard, invoicing, bank settlement, mobile application, testimony and investigation, linked bank account, import excel file, multi coinage, search, allocate data, inventory, API incorporation, Tally incorporation, contact, safety and support.

  1. MARG ERP 9+ Inventory and Accounting Software: It is accounting software that may be personalized on the basis of the requirement of industries. For instance, a Pharamaceutical company will have requirements much diverse from a Trading company. It has been very well-liked in the Pharmaceutical Industry since its introduction in 1992. MARG is recognized, easy and quick accounting software that administers various clients at on go and assist them create invoices, cash flows and billings in any arrangement. The solution is extremely personalized and is backed with attributes such as email, banking and barcode incorporation, POS invoice, tax and inventory administration to allow overall automation of accounting procedures. The MARG ERP 9+ inventory and accounting software is produced by Marg Compusoft and may be arranged by organization, start-up organizations, enterprises and even people, employing both desktop and mobile interfaces.

Marg Features & USP 

F&A, Sales, Procurement, Quotation,  Stocks, Inventory, Simple and Quick billing, Barcode /Email/SMS incorporation, Re-Order Administration, Stocks Mobile Application, Manufacturing , Multi Currency, Multi-Company, Multi Cost, Multi Reduction , Multi Storehouse, Cash Draws, Physical Handling Tool,  1000+MIS Statements, Self Personalization, etc.

  1. ProfitBooks Accounting Software: ProfitBooks is simple-to-employ accounting software that is made for small organizations and even users lacking accounting proficiency. Cloud dependent accounting software made for small businesses, ProfitBooks assists users’ admittance their information distantly. It is made with attributes such as easy invoicing, inventory checking, expense administration, payroll plus multi-user and multi-currency support. The cloud-based software assists in creating invoices, report regular expenditures and administer inventory that may be seen online, anywhere and anytime to ease financial exposure and decision-making associated to accounting procedures. It is a remarkably easy to employ accounting software.

You may make fine-looking invoices, check everyday business expenditures and administer your inventory simply with ProfitBooks.

Key benefits of ProfitBooks:
– Developed for non-accountants and very easy to employ.
– Supports VAT
– Sustains multi-currency bookkeeping
– Support numerous users and involve easy payroll
– Produces 45+ financial statements for enhanced decision taking.

  1. Saral Accounts: Made by Relyon Softech, Saral Accounts is a simple to execute accounting software that is helpful for small and medium organizations to manage books of accounts, tax filing, billings, and GST conformity. The customizable bookkeeping software is also making news bulletins for its helpfulness in assisting its clients to change from VAT to present GST arrangement, billings, transactions and revise appropriate details in bulk.

Features of Saral Accounts

Comprehensive accounting
Inclusive, GST facilitated accounting software with Account Books, Voucher Entry, and Financial proclamations.

Service invoicing
Formation of service invoicing and mass service invoice making with sub-services and administer multi-services invoicing.

Sales and purchase deals with purchase or sales order, proforma invoice, refusal and returns with over 100 invoice layouts.

GST Return
Create GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3. Also, attain GSTR 2A, GSTR 1A and e-ledgers as of GSTN.

Complete reports for warranty or AMC with auto SMS alert and client service administration.

E-way bill
Create e-way statement at the time of invoice creation with a single click.

Mobile Application integration
Place order, see live stock and modifications and feed collection information with the mobile application.

  1. Xero: Xero is cloud dependent accounting software with more than a million users that gives real-time entree to cash and financial information of small and developing businesses. An online accounting or bookkeeping software targeted at small business holders and accountants, Xero is a high-quality accounting software produced by Xero. The biggest benefit is that it does not require any set up can be employed anywhere or anytime. It is quick, easy and can sustain more customers in very less time. Collaboration and back up of information may be accomplished in a part of seconds. The software has better-quality back-up and data incorporation abilities, assisting users make invoice statements, expenditure assertions and different reports in a few seconds. Next, its mobile-ready attributes holds organizations to accomplish, check and administer accounting procedures on mobile phones and can also impeccably incorporate into third-party applications for inventory, invoicing, expenditures and time-checking.

Features of Xero Software

Check inventory, administer stock and simply add products into orders and invoices.

Keep your cash flow vigorous via delivering online invoices with online expense alternatives.

Bank links
Link to your bank so transactions go repeatedly into Xero every business day.

Bank settlement
Keep record of money coming in and going out with regular changes and easy bank settlement.

Pay bills
Pay bills promptly, decrease office management and enhance your cash flow.

  1. WAVE: Wave is simple-to-use; accounting software matched for organizations to make and send receiving and invoices, check the position of the payments, agree to credit card imbursements and also keep a record on income and expenditures. Wave is one of the very popular accounting software attributed in various publications. This software has diverse sets of artifact such as invoices, accounting, payments, receipts and payroll, this software is specifically made for small organizations, freelancers and accounting advisors. If you are searching for software to administer all financial tasks with not any charge, it is the best alternative. The software removes data entry chores and assists in producing mistake-free, tax-ready statements, payroll estimates. High safety of financial information, at completely no charge makes Wave well-liked accounting software amongst users. It is an internet based accounting software.

Features of Wave





-Yearly Record Keeping

-Tax Calculations and Deductions

-Direct CreditCard Payments

-Direct Deposit


  1. Reach: Reach is a payment-based cloud platform that gets convention in different accounting functions and made with key attributes like personalized templates, tabs and imbursement and regeneration reminders via emails, SMS and whatsapp messages. Reach is also helpful in filing VAT returns, documenting withdrawals, purchase orders, and cash flow deals, bank reconciliation, TDS and lot more. All the attributes and features of this software are packed in single package that makes it stick out from its opponents in the marketplace. This online accounting software assists users check each and every small feature of their business. The online accounting software allows users to have inclusive transparency of their monetary and accounting practices of the trade.

Features of Reach Software


-Credit maximum value

-Vendor administration

-Aide memoires

-Branch administration

-Whatsapp/sms/email Invoices

-Users administration

-Purchase or sales authorizations

-Directors payment or drawings

-Asset purchase

-Filing VAT returns

-Forex purchase and sales

-Receivables administration

-Bank Reconciliation

  1. Wings Books 21D: Made via Hyderabad-based Wings Infonet, Wings Books 21D is the best accounting software having gone through almost twenty one iterations and a powerful user-base of 50,000 organizations all over the world. The GST-ready, cutting-edge, accounting and inventory software is perfect for small and medium organizations that permit them to document financial deals, produce and analyze statements, bank settlement and also deal with post-dated cheques. The software has huge utility attributes such as reactive dashboards, superior safety, multi-language and multi-currency tasks to get deep into accounting information for precise reports and outcomes.

Features of Wings Books

-Wings produce all reports, assessments and books you would require from your accounts:

-Balance Sheet

-Profit & Loss

-General Ledger

-Trial Balance

-Day Books & Journal

-Cash, Bank Books and Petty Cash

-All GSTR statements for GST return filing

-Business study

-Trend study

-Balances and peak balances

-Combined FA statement

So, these were top 10 accounting software, you may select any one as per your business requirements. If you have any other software and want to list here, comment below with it’s details.

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