Top 4 Ways to Land a Job During Covid-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected business, since numerous organizations have been compelled to close their doors. Others have been obliged to close briefly or for all time let go some part of their staff to keep their heads above water. Look no further because we have the tips you should follow! You’ll have the option to look for some kind of employment whether it’s short-term or lasting, allowing you to balance out your salary or to make some additional cash.

Freelance for Tech Companies

Streaming, content services have seen their interest increase definitely as individuals are telecommuting. Tech organizations that offer these types of jobs need to keep up their telesales, advertising, and network via social networking media.

Work as Social Media Manager

Content or marketing specialists, making advanced content, for example, online journals, news stories, and social media posts are a major part of life these days. You can try applying as a content writer or a social media manager.

Apply for Jobs on Social Media 

We know getting a new line of work appears to be troublesome during this difficult event and your typical method of looking is simply not cutting it. Give looking for jobs a shot on social media platforms, for example, LinkedIn and Facebook. This may sound simple, you initially need to shortlist the correct jobs that fit your profile and interests, then you need to find organizations on your shortlist that you are keen on and interact with them.

Recreate Your Resume

This is an extraordinary path for you to catch recruiters’ attention. For example, if you are going after a job in the creative space, try making your resume as a video, including a part of your work pieces, making it look engaging and so forth. You can also include an additional archive where you share bits of knowledge to the recruiter about the company you are applying in. This will get you a meeting. The organization will see your dedication, passion and ability to plan.

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