The rise of Indian Card game industry

Indians have always had a great affinity for card games. This has to do with the fact that playing card games are deeply embedded in India’s cultural fabric. Some play the game every day and some play it during festivals and get-together.  Many people see card games as an avenue of fun and jest. Despite the pervasive nature of the modern games that have surfaced in the recent past, the bond Indians have for card games is thick and continues to grow.

In the yesteryear’s, there were many clubs functioning in several Indian cities and towns where players could relax playing card games. Millions of rupees were rolled across in the card gaming sector. However, the sector was unorganized and there were legal complications one could incur because of the ambiguous nature of the law with regards to card games. Despite the ambiguity, thousands of players flocked to various clubs to play the game.

In spite of being popular and pervasive card games never got it due as a skill game as some people still considered them as a taboo. However, things changed post digitization and card gaming business was put on the road-map as a genuine industry offering players a good value of entertainment.

The beginning

After the doors were opened through globalization, several arcade industries went digital. And Indian gaming sector too underwent a massive digitalization. Thanks to the technology, that recovered and instilled life into card games that were on the brink of extinction. Today, the Indian card gaming industry is a multi-million dollar industry and is considered to be one of the best business models. This can be seen from the fact that several business tycoons and foreign investors are investing heavily in start-ups and mid-sized companies offering card games.

Types of card games

Due to the advent of technology, many traditional card games have been made available to be playable online. Games like Indian Rummy, Teen Patti, Satti pe Satti, Bridge that were played inside the clubs and casinos are now available to play online. Of all the arcade card games that are now available to play online, none comes close to Indian rummy based on the footprints it established since its debut.

Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is one of the popular card games that has a deep connection with our culture for centuries. The game has a dedicated fan following and is often rated as the numero-uno card game for its thrill and entertainment. Indian people consider playing rummy online as a part of their tradition. That’s the reason we say rummy parties conducted during Diwali and other grand festivals of the similar kind.

It comes as no surprise that Rummy was one of the first arcade card game that underwent the digital transformation. We could call it a seamless transition as the game could be replicated just as it is in its digital form without any change in its fundamentals.

Big Players in the Card game

Because of the players’ affinity towards rummy, many online rummy sites have popped up in the recent past. Now the players have a sea of opportunities to choose from with regards to playing rummy online. Thanks to the foresight of the pioneers who realized the potential of this industry and laid a solid ground. If not for their stellar efforts, we wouldn’t have had the luxury of choosing from these many rummy sites.

With the gaming industry currently valued at $0.37 billion and websites hosting card games contributing a major chunk of it, the signs are very encouraging in the forthcoming days.

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