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Hacks are available for everything from kitchen chores to technology issues everything can be resolved in a while using these hacks. These hacks have made the process efficient and flexible. When someone has a smart way to resolve the problem why will people traverse the long path. When you have a smartphone you should know smart tricks too so you can become a smartphone pro.

You can complete all sorts of tasks quickly in no time. In this blog, you get to know about something wonderful and smarter technical hacks that you can implement on your smartphone and access the functionality of your smartphone. So, it’s time to check them and use them.

10 Technical Hacks for Smartphone Users

  • Full charging of the phone

We lose the accessibility of the phone if it is not charged fully. Mobile chargers have come a long way from thin pin chargers to Type-C cable chargers. Technology keeps upgrading over time so as chargers. 

You may have noticed the bigger changes in the length of the charging cable that has got short. We all have a habit of using the phone while it’s plugged into the board. Every battery has its charging schedule time. If you want that phone battery to get a boost up faster please have patience and avoid the usage of the phone. Smartphone manufacturers have understood the mentality of customers therefore the cable is not as long as it was before.

One more additional way to charge your phone is to turn on airplane mode. At this time, the phone will stop receiving the signals, the apps that are accessing the internet will also get shut off.

It will also restrict the GPS usage consumption of data and you can use your phone for long hours and capture the moments for a little more time.

  • Ad-free games

It seems annoying when so many ads display on-screen that ruin the fun of gaming by turning on the airplane mode advertisements will be deactivated for a while. Ask a PUB G game user that doesn’t pick up the calls while they are playing.

The advertisement also eats your battery and sometimes your internet data therefore the airplane mode can save the battery usage time.

Many smartphone manufacturers have launched the smartphone with smart gaming mode generally this feature can be enabled from the setting app. Check this feature on your phone and improve your gaming experience with a full fun mood.

  • Reminder to answer miss call

We can find numerous technology hacks for Android phone users but iPhone users are also blessed with some of the cool features. ‘Auto-reply’ and ‘Remind me’ are the two hacks to manage your call activities. If you are busy or unable to pick up the calls these auto-reminder functions will help you to get back to the person or to reply to them accordingly. Either you can set a timer or GPS. This feature is lovely and keeps you connected with your loved ones even when you’ve missed it.

  • Object recognition 

Do you have any query regarding any object or entity now it has become quite easier with image recognition accessibility? You only have to take the picture and upload it. All the information will display on your phone in a few seconds. 

Google has developed an advanced tool to resolve the problems of object identification. We all know Google search engines have a separate database where it organizes the data in different ways like audio, video, text, image, pdf, ppt, etc. 

Most of the time we forget the exact names or specifications of the things. While you upload the picture, Google bots are activated and start searching for the most preferable matches that contain the image-related information and list them in search engine result pages. Try this and find the details.

  • The real-time map on the screen

Google maps have made our journey easier. You can traverse the short lanes, unrecognized places in winter weather conditions. 

Play Store has a collection of sorts of apps classified in categories of games, weather apps, health apps, etc. You can download the real-time enlarged view of the location on the windshield. No need to utilize any additional app when GOOGlE MAPS has made it possible for you.

  • Android Trash app

Like Windows desktop or PC systems, Windows OS phones have a recycle bin that utilizes to store unwanted files. Mac works on the iOS developed by Apple that has a separate place to store all the deleted files. iPhone also facilitates a space for the deleted image and video items. These items last for 30 days, in that period of time you can restore the items or it will get deleted automatically. 

Recently launched Samsung M series and A series phone have a hidden recycle bin folder that keeps the data of deleted images. Android users can locate and download the trash storage app from Google play.

  • Remote accessibility through a smartphone

Remote is the most used gadget to get access to the device’s functionality. Your car needs a remote, the DVD player and TV need a remote. These handy remotes are smaller in size; they can be mislocated under the sofa set or you can forget about it anywhere. If there is no remote, you can not change the channels and play the music. You can’t unlock or lock the things. You can not operate the AC.

Smartphone manufacture companies have caught this problem and developed the functionalities to make your life easier. The smartphone is designed with a distinct type of functionality options now you can pair up your infrared devices and enable the remote accessibility feature on a smartphone.

If you don’t have remote access functionality google play store has a wide range of infrared remote features apps. You can download and install it on your phones and manage things easily.

  • Click selfie through a smartphone 

We use the volume buttons to click the best selfie shots. It is enabled in Android smartphones and iPhone both. If you are wearing a headphone and you want to take the picture also at that moment do this by simply using the volume button of headphones.

  • iPhone calculator app

Android and iPhone both have a calculator app to solve the complex number problem. Now, you are thinking about what is advanced in it. The calculator comes with a basic keypad phone too. But there is a smart trick in smartphones. We are sharing an interest with you all. 

If by chance you have selected a wrong digit on your calculator, swipe your finger left or right and you don’t have to start from the scratch or fresh digit typing. It will make your calculation speed faster and easier.

  • Measurement of things

Do you want to know the true measurement of any items, field area, or anything? It is possible to do both on iPhone and Android phones. You can locate the app store or android Google play store for measurement apps. These apps are easy to use and quickly give results.

You just need to download the app and follow the instructions. You can get the size, length details in a few steps. Please check these apps. It will make your life easier.

Here, we are closing this guide and hope you find it easier.

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