Smarter Way To Keep The Things Secure On Your Smartphone

We Don’t leave home without our smartphones. Work From Home has become the trend these days and the process starts just after the lockdown period when nobody can appear in the social gatherings, crowded places, and offices. But the work goes on and maintains the things home with the same enthusiasm it is required. 

To make things comfortable and accessible in remote locations, software companies have launched and discovered many ideas. Employees can stamp their presence from remote locations. They can catch up together on video calls. Many apps have been launched to organize meetings, chats, and web conferencing.

As employees are managing their office tasks on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Students were also managing their online classes on the phone. They are giving exams, assessment tests, and accessing such types of apps.

On smartphones, we store so many things, like screenshots, videos, and audio. Many documents related to investment receipt, bank account no. are also stored somewhere in the phone memory. Including all the things we can say, the phone is very precious for us. It contains all the necessary, confidential data and memories and its security and privacy are a big concern for everyone.

During the pandemic period, we were just installing apps and accessing the websites all at once without knowing the official sources. These apps were related to designing, social media, document creation, games, video making, etc. Some apps may be good but some of them may be a threat to the phone’s security. These apps are not worth a smartphone, they can put your phone at risk.

To maintain the privacy of smartphones one should keep a few things in their mind that will be useful.

7 Tricks To Maintain Your Smartphone Privacy From Malicious Hackers

Software update/app update

This is something that upgrades privacy automatically better than before. Whenever you get the notification regarding g software update or app updates do this immediately and enjoy the faster accessibility with the latest versions. We have a bad habit of holding on to the software updates but not the games and apps. We want their latest versions to enjoy the faster performance.

Software and app updates are released to manage the bugs and malfunctioning. It improves the app performance and speeds up the overall default apps with the latest updates and functionalities. Whether you are using an iPhone or Android phone it should be run on the latest OS.

Data should be encrypted

Encryption is a common term nowadays but some people are still not aware of it. Encryption is something that keeps the information protected between the sender and receiver and no authorized person can read the information or decode it. 

The phone has everything from small to big information and tasks. Many Android smartphones have the features and accessibilities to activate the device encryptions and contain information. the iPhone also offers the same accessibility. In this way, no hackers or unauthorized users will get access to your phone.

Keep the Bluetooth off

Bluetooth was the most popular utility since the time it was introduced before the file-sharing apps, Xender, share it, or USB data cables that Bluetooth accessibility was everything to phone users. Sometimes people accidentally turn on the Bluetooth accessibility and don’t pay any attention to the top where the Bluetooth icon is displayed. It is not safe all the time. First, it consumes battery, and secondly as we all know Bluetooth earphones, and other Bluetooth gadgets are popular these days.

Hackers can try to access Bluetooth devices of nearby locations. They can hack your wifi connections, wearable fitness trackers, hands-free features of cars, or other Bluetooth devices. Someone can record your calls or misuse the other information on the phone. It’s better to keep an eye on what accessibilities you are using at the moment.

Protect with antivirus

Antivirus is launched for both smartphones and PC. Many users install the antivirus on their PC. Although, Windows 10 have inbuilt security and antivirus that protect the system from malicious events. Antiviruses are also available for a smartphone that protects them from unsafe website visits and sources, viruses, malicious events. Hackers also find it difficult to trap smartphones. Many smartphones have VPN Security features, you can opt for those options.

Restrict frequent Downloads

Before downloading any app you must check the source of the development organization. Is it play-protected and worth it for your phone? Check app ratings and user reviews. Does it contain too many advertisements?

Advertisements contain viruses so you must check this first. Sometimes we want to download third-party apps on phones for this. First, we have to download apk files that can impact your phone’s privacy and make influential changes on your device. It may launch frequent version updates. If you are downloading such third-party apps check the official website source. We will advise you not to download it as it contains malicious actions and traps.

Rooting or Jailbreaking

Rooting or Jailbreaking is considered advantageous in some ways for customizations. Sometimes when the apps fail to download. These actions may support the downloading process. It installs the apps on your phone but makes the device vulnerable to hackers. Your device may start behaving unpleasantly. Avoid these actions and stay on the original software and OS.

Strong Passwords

It is always advised to keep your password different for different mail accounts and social media accounts. Our bank accounts, cricket apps, movie, web series streaming apps also need passwords to keep the account secure. Some of the apps keep a track record of users’ information and credentials. 

If the passwords will be the same they may disclose across the apps and platforms. It can put your phone in danger so be very careful while creating the account and setting up the passwords. Nowadays we make transactions over digital payment apps and hackers may try to access low-risk passwords.

If someone has your social media app password or web series app password he may get access to your phone and access confidential information from your phone.

All these mentioned things look small but are very significant to protect your phone from hacking and malicious events.

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