Rummy – Why is it a Game of Skills?

The mention of rummy evokes mixed reactions from people. While some may prefer to vehemently conclude it as a game of sheer luck, others with some exposure to the game would definitely vouch it as a game of skills.

What would you conclude rummy as – just luck or game of skills?

If you are new to the game, then it is quite natural for you to swing the way most of the opinions go. But when you actually start playing regularly, would you realize there is more to the game than just luck. Rummy games require you to be attentive, cautious of yours and other players’ moves, analyze the cards that get picked or discarded, and try to comprehend what sets or sequences the other players could be planning. Only then would you be able to thwart other players’ win or plan your very own winning strategy.

Rummy requires certain skills in order to gain expertise in the game and set off winning regularly.

Skill #1: Need to be Attentive

While you are playing rummy games, the most important factor that can determine your win is how attentive you are. You need to be alert right from the beginning of the game till the end. You need to be watchful of others players moves, cards getting discarded and who picks up which card and their possible sets or sequences. In rummy games your attentiveness would help you establish your win strongly.

Skill #2: Be Analytical

As far as rummy games are concerned, you need to exhibit good analytical skill – the ability to understand other players moves based on the inferences you draw. If a particular player picks up a card from an open or closed pile, you should analyze what kind of sets or sequence that player could be working on. Accordingly, you need to check his chances of winning and play your cards in such a way either by discarding or picking up cards and set yourself closer to win.

Skill #3: Good at Memory

Playing online rummy games is as interesting as playing it offline. But a common factor that sets you on winning spree is your memory. As a 13 card game, it is in fact very challenging to form sets or sequences.  A sharp memory would come to your aid here. You need to be good at remembering who picked or discarded which card, their sets and sequences. Over a period of time, by playing rummy games regularly you are able to remember a lot of things any particular time.

Skill #4: Patience Pays off

A true test of your patience is when your play rummy games. Like any other card game such as Poker, a game of rummy at times could stretch for long hours. It is your patience that could take you closer to winning the game. People who expect short and quick games would certainly dislike rummy. But it is patience that sets rummy apart.

Get Skilled – See Yourself Win

The true taste of the pudding is in its eating – the true essence of a game of rummy lies in its playing. The more you play rummy games regularly the better are your skills. And so are your wins too.

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