Know About Windows 11 In-built Security and Privacy Utility/ Tools

Windows11 was recently launched in India and users are trying to get it on their PC. Users who have a compatible system can install it and enjoy the functionality/ accessibility of windows11. People are considering it as the most secure Windows version. To protect the system from hacking activities, the company has taken security very seriously. 

Windows 11 PC is coming with TPM 2.0 that plays a significant role in the privacy and security of the system and eliminates unauthorized access. TPM is known as Trusted Platform Module that is equipped with the motherboard of the system. If someone wants to upgrade their system with Windows 11 then the system should have TPM. Without this Widows11 can’t be compatible and available to download. Windows11 is advanced and secured through various features and accessibilities.

Activate Windows11 on system access these security features

Activate Built-in Security Tools

Windows 11 is designed & developed with built-in security tools which manage the privacy and security of the device. Go to main Settings > Privacy & Security > Windows Security >  Activate the Built-in Security tools and stay carefree about the security of the System.

Many times users don’t want to use third-party security software and apps on their system so this built-in security toll feature is one of the best things in the Windows 11 version.

Find My Device

Find my Device is one of the great features that smartphones offer. Now, this feature is enabled in the Windows 11 system. You can find this security feature option from Settings > Privacy and Security. Using this Find My Device feature users can get access to their Microsoft account and locate the device from where you’ve left.

Multiple Login Options

Till now, Users have nothing special to secure the PC. We can only enter passwords to keep the unauthorized gents away but now we have multiple options. Users can choose the comfortable sign-in options from the top left, you can find them under the Setting pane.

  • Use Webcam and activate Facial recognition
  • If your computer has a Fingerprint sensor then users can enable Fingerprint Recognition.

Dynamic Lock Feature 

Users can access an advanced feature to secure their computer when they are out of the room by using the dynamic lock option. This feature enables users to sign out from the device when you’re not present at the location and you need to sign in again to access the features.

Customize App Permissions

Like a smartphone, you can manage the app permission on the PC system. You can manage how apps will access and interact with various accessibilities locations, cameras, microphones, etc. Go to Setting > Privacy and Security > Scroll down and Check App permissions.

How many apps are accessed?  All of these things impact the security of the system so check and manage all app permissions.

Security Provider Software

It is another security feature/accessibility enabled in the Windows11 version. It manages the system’s privacy and security and protects the system from threats. Check inside the Setting section > privacy and security where you can set the notifications and alerts to keep stay updated with every activity of security providers.

Data Encryption

You can encrypt all the data stored on the hard drive and protect it from unauthorized access. Windows 11 PC users can access this feature and maintain data security. Users can go to Settings, Privacy, and Security Setting then device encryption. 

Malware Scanning

Windows 11 has upgraded the security to the next level with its built-in security features. One of its built-in security features lets you do a proper scan of malware that is dangerous and contains high-security risks for a system. You can scan the malware manually by accessing the Windows Security screen > Virus & Threat Protection. These built-in features can be activated in the background and protect the system. For fast malware detection, you can select the Quick Scan Option.

Remote Hacking protection

We all have a fear of hacking from a remote location to reduce the risk Windows 11 is designed with the two most advanced security utilities known as Reputation Based protection and Exploit Protection. It ensures a high level of remote hacking security.

Reputation Based Protection – Keep an eye on suspicious and bad performance applications

Exploit Protection- Reduce Remote Hacking events


Go to Windows Security and Privacy Setting utility and pick App and Browser Control and activate the above-mentioned security options.

Manage Device Security

If your device or system is facing any hardware-related issues it will display on the Device Security page. You can navigate to the Device Security through Windows Security Utility/ tools. Here you can also check TPM and secure boot process options. If there’s any problem that needs to fix it will be mentioned here. You can take necessary actions to secure the operating system, hardware, data, and storage. 

Windows Update

It is always advised to keep the system stay updated whether it is a smartphone or any other device. Windows 11 is the latest version that is secure and advanced. Microsoft from time to time releases some updates to fix the bugs and upgrade the performance of apps and systems. These updates are good for system security. To keep updated your system you can activate the Active hours for the update. Navigate Advanced Options to loathe this option so your system can do the things for you.

It is just an introductory guide to all the in-built functions available in the latest version of windows. If your system is compatible with Windows 11 requirements install it on your system and access all these Privacy & Security Features for a better user experience. Updates will be released over time and things will get more exciting.

It is also news that Windows 11 will support android apps and other accessibility in the coming months but we have to wait for the right time when it will be officially announced. Life will be more convenient and comfortable after this upgrade.

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