How to Use TeamViewer

TeamViewer is an application program used to pair and connect any PC/Computer/laptop or server all around the world. Main features of TeamViewer include desktop screen sharing, remote control and file transfer between PCs. You can use TeamViewer on different Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Android and iOS.

Below we have provided complete details about your all questions like how to download Teamviewer, how does teamviewer work, How to Use TeamViewerm how to install teamviewer along with connecting two different computer partners for desktop sharing remotely.

Steps to Connect to your PC Remotely With TeamViewer

Step1:  First you need to download the Setup, so Visit  official site of Teamviewer i.e.

Download Teamviewer Setup
Download Teamviewer Setup

Step 2: On Webpage you will find “Download Teamviewer” button, Click on it (as shown above Image)

Step 3: After clicking, the setup will start  download on your Pc in download folder or the path your have chosen with file named as TeamViewer_Setup_en

Teamviewer Setup File
Teamviewer Setup File

Step 4: Now Right-Click on Teamviewer setup, click on Run as Administrator option and select ‘Yes’.

Teamviewer Run as Administrator
Teamviewer Run as Administrator

Step 5: Now new window will open where you will have different options to proceed:

  • Basic Installation
  • Installation to access this computer remotely (unattended)
  • Run only (one time use)

So, select “Basic Installation” from above mentioned options. (shown in below Image)

Step 6: Now on the same window you will find the options for How do you want to use Teamviewer?

  • Company/Commercial use
  • Personal / Non-Commercial Use
  • Both of the above

You can choose according to your need.

Here we will choose “Personal/Non-Commercial use” as Free License.

Teamviewer Setup
Teamviewer Setup

Step 6: Again on same window you will get “show Advanced Settings”, click here if you want to change the installation path, Teamviewer VPN, Remote Print and Meeting Add-In for Outlook or else click on Finish Button. (shown above Image)

Step 7: Installation will be started and it will take a few minutes to complete the setup, so please wait until the installation process is done.

Step 8: After installation of TeamViewer, you are now ready to use it and start your desktop sharing with your partner who also has pre installed the Teamviewer, if not then make them  install as we have done above.

Use Teamviewer
Use Teamviewer

Step 9: Here you have two options, first “Allow Remote Control” to allow other PC to control your PC, else use “Control Remote Computer” just by entering your Partner ID on the box to access their PC or computer. Here you can either make remote control or File transfer, choose as per requirement and click on “Connect to Partner” button and enter the password provided by  your partner if needed.

By following above mentioned steps we have successfully completed the installation and now you can access your Partner PC in order to perform your task.

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