How to Use Instagram to Market Your Products

Instagram is a fantastic tool which you can use for your business to market your products, the social media channel is completely visual and highly popular which is the perfect combination for anyone looking to sell more. Understandably, many will look to the likes of Facebook and Twitter in the social media sphere when it comes to marketing their products but Instagram is by far and away the best place to push your goods. Let’s take a look at how you should be using Instagram to show off your products and boost sales.

Clean Up Your Profile

The first step which you need to take is to clean up your Instagram profile and make sure that every piece of content is of high quality. The last thing that you want to do is wow someone with your content, only for them to look at your profile and think that it was perhaps a one off, something which could turn them away. You also need to invest time in growing your followers and invest some money into automatic Instagram likes which will really help with your overall engagement.

Focus On Content

When it comes to showing off your products, only accept content which is perfect, and nothing less. You only get one shot at great content and you need to give you products a really professional look to them if you are expecting people to invest their money in them. Play around with styles, filters and colors until you get it just right, then, and only then, should you post your content.


Don’t promote a product of yours with every single piece of content otherwise you will bore your followers and it will be overkill. Instead, try to share relevant pieces f content in between which will engage your followers and get them on board. Once you have shared valuable content like this, you can drop your products and expect a much bigger reaction than if you only share marketing pieces.


Don’t forget to engage with people when they start to ask questions about your products. The content is just about getting people on the hook, you then need to be active in the comments to make the sale. It is likely that people will have questions about quality, price, delivery and all other manner of questions for you, answer the straight away and you could be landing sales.

Calls to Action

Calls to action posts are posts which encourage your followers to get involved in the piece of content. This could be a question or a debatable piece of content that your followers will not be able to resist getting involved with. Use calls to action to create a real buzz around your products.

If you invest the time on your Instagram profile then you can really help to boost your sales and the visibility of your products, don’t forget about it when thinking about your online strategy.

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