How to Run Android Apps on Chromebook

Chromebook users, the most awaited announcement has been made by Google that now you would be able to utilize full range of apps on your own chromebooks. Most of the chromebook users have complained about the lack of app to access but with the recent changes now Chromebook has got access to the Play Store.

Some of Chromebook users have already started using Android Apps on Chromebook. Do you want to learn how to make your chromebook android apps usable? Stick around this article to catch the detailed information about how to do that.

First of all to have the fun of running Google Play Store on your chromebook you need one of three supported machines. Currently, you’ve three supported machine options such as ASUS Chromebook Flip, Acer Chromebook R11 and Chromebook Pixel. Along with it, you can’t overlook the fact that it also required to be execute Chrome 53 or higher version.

How to Run Android Apps on Your Chromebook
How to Run Android Apps on Your Chromebook

How to Switch to Google Chrome OS Developer Channel

If you want to switch to Google Chrome OS developer channel then the procedure is pretty much simple. You just need to know where and how to find out the options.

However, before moving ahead, you must ensure that what you are going to do with this. The faint hearted people may just wait around. If you want to test the most recent features before people, Google Chrome OS Developer Channel permits you to do it effectively. But along with this you are bound to run few issues time to time. This kind of software update isn’t finalized and continues being tested.

Steps of switching Google Chrome OS to developer channel

Step 1. Turn your Chromebook ON and unlock your main account.

Step 2. Find and click on your image at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Once you clicked on your image, some pop ups will appear on the screen, choose “Settings” option from them.

Step 4. Now scroll up to the top of the screen and choose “About Chrome OS”.

Steps 5. Next find the hyperlink as “More info…”, click on it.

Step 6. By just doing this “Change Channel” options will appear. Tap on it.

Step 7. Choose “Developer – unstable” option. Now a warning will show up on screen. Read it carefully and then press “Change channel”.

Step 8. Now, let the Chromebook perform few procedures and then reboot.

Enable the Google Play Store

If you’ve successfully switched Google Chrome OS Developer Channel, enable the Google Play Store. Here is how to enable Google Play Store.

Follow the above given steps from 1 to 3.

Step 4. Now, inside the “Android Apps” option you’ll find “Enable Android Apps” Option. Just, enable it to run on Chromebook and then click on the checkbox.

Step 5. Press “Get started” option in the new window

Step 6. Carefully, read all the Terms and Conditions and then agree to them.

Step 7. Now, just Sign in and enjoy!

Congratulations! Now you may enjoy running Android Apps on your Chromebook.

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