How to Root Your Android and Unroot Android Phone

What is Rooting of an Android Phone?

Root is basically a su binary installed in your Android smartphone, through which you can access all the files which holds all the hardware information. Jailbreaking which you must have heard of is equal to the Android Rooting, it unlocks the operation system so that unapproved apps can be installed, undesired bloatware can be deleted, you can customize your android phone the way you want to and so on.

Advantages of Android Phone Rooting:

  • Access to all your files of your Android Phone
  • Performance of your mobile phone gets increased
  • The advantage of increasing battery life
  • Access to best of the applications
  • Internal memory gets increased

Disadvantages of Android Phone Rooting:

  • Android Smart Phone may hard brick
  • Data loss can be possible in process of rooting
  • You lose your Android Phone warranty
  • You may face random reboots and application crashing
  • Third party can misuse your privacy
Root and Unroot Android
Root and Unroot Android

How to Root Android With PC, in just few steps:

You just need to download the software.

Android Back up
In case you do not want to take risk of losing your data while rooting, you must back up your Android.
You can choose your backup tools according to your the brand of your Android Phone. Like Samsung,Sony,HTC,Motorola etc.

Connecting PC to your Android Phone
After you installed Android Root on Your Android, You will have to connect your Android to PC.
Just when your Android phone gets sensed by PC. It will start checking your phone for rooting process.

Android Smart Phone Detection
If the Android smart phone has been rooted before then you will be allowed for the next step, but in case its not then it will start checking, the phone model is supportable or not for the rooting process.

Finally Root Android Phone
When all the above steps are detected, you will see a button of Root Now, tap on that button to Root your Android Phone. The process of Rooting might take some time, but wait for it to get it completed. After it gets completed it will show a message saying the rooting process is finished.

Now When you have successfully Root Android Phone, you can mute your android apps, move applications to SD cards, erase bloatware.

How to Root Android without pc, with in few minutes:

  1. Firstly, download Root app from the below link in your Android Phone.
  2. After the app is downloaded and installed, proceed to next step
  3. Just in case you get a pop-up of Installation blocked, tap on settings
  4. And check on unknown sources
  5. Install the app now
  6. when the app is installed, open the app in your Android phone
  7. Click on root button in it, wait for few minutes
  8. And, great you are done with the rooting of your android phone with the app.

Checking Android smart phone is rooted or not?

You are still not sure, you have rooted your android phone or not? In this section we will tell you, how you can check your phone is rooted or not!
1.From Play Store, download the application named Root Checker.
2.Open the Root Checker after installation and then tap on Verify Root.
3.You will see the message of “Congratulations” if your Android smart phone is successfully rooted, if not then it will display the message of rooting your phone.

Why Unroot your Android Smartphone?

Just like the famous saying “everything that has pro equally has cons” as rooting of android phone gives you too many privileges. It also lets third party apps to misuse your passwords etc.
So, here comes the need of Unrooting your Android Phone.

Unroot your Android Smart Phone with an Application:

  1. Open the Google Play Store in your phone
  2. search for the app names “SuperSu”
  3. Download and install the applications
  4. Now Launch the App “SuperSu” & go to the Setting option
  5. Scroll down and find the “Full unroot” option. Click on it.
  6. A message will display asking your permission that, you want to unroot your device or not.
  7. If you are sure that you want to unroot your device then click on continue.
  8. Once you are done, SuperSu will automatically close.
  9. Now Restart You Unrooted Android device.
  10. You will fine that you Andoride device is Booting, after it gets completed.
  11. Uninstall the application Super Su and you are good to access your Unrooted Android device.

Unrooting Android Device Manually:

  1. On your Android device, open root file manager
  2. Search and tap /system/bin/.
  3. Search for the file name “su” and delete it. (for deleting, you can long press and hold the file and then select the delete option from the list.
  4. Tap /system/xbin/.
  5. Delete su file in this also
  6. Search and click /system/app/.
  7. Delete Superuser.apk file
  8. Now Reboot your device.

Checking Android smart phone is rooted or not?

You still not sure your android device has got unrooted or not. Not to worry, here is the easy way through which you can check your device is still rooted or unrooted.
1.Open Play Store, download and install the application Root Checker.
2.Now launch the application and verify that your android phone is rooted or unrooted.
3.You will see the message of “Congratulations” if your Android smart phone is rooted, if not then it will display the message of “Unrooted” on your android Smart Phone.

So above where the process through which you can Root Android phone with PC or without PC. And with that, if you are unhappy with the root process, you can unroot the phone with the help of Unrooting method. In both the ways, you must once back up your Android phone for your comfort and you could save your phone from any damage .The available applications help you to check your phone is rooted or not. Hope the article helps you in doing any of the process. Do it carefully.!

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