How to Resolve FB Messenger Not Responding Issue?

Whatsapp is the most frequently used app for chatting, sharing images and photos, and we can send document files. Everyone is stuck to it. But when Whastapp has not reached this level FB messenger is the one, responsible to do chatting, sharing GIFs, images. We all have spent a great amount of time on it. 

FB messenger issue: no response, crashing, hang

People who don’t want to scroll Fb newsfeed and only want to chat with people. Fb messenger is a great utility app. But sometimes this app stops working and you feel difficulty communicating with your friends. To eliminate this problem you can follow this guide:

Restart/ Reboot phone

It is the easiest and convenient way to fix FB messenger crashing problems. You just need to hold the power. You will get three options: power off, restart or reset. You can either choose power off or restart. All the ongoing processes will be suspended at the moment and the phone will reboot r restart again. Just go and check if Fb messenger starts working or not.

It is a well-practiced method that resolves most of the problems encountered in android phones.


Force stop FB messenger

If you have installed a FB messenger on your phone and it is not responding or gets crashed in midway. You can fix this problem by just practicing simple steps on your phone. Open the setting app located on your smartphone and go to the app manager option then find the FB messenger app. Click on this and here you will see the force stop or uninstall option. Tap on force stop. Come out from this interface to the home screen after 10-15 sec. Go back to reopen the FB messenger app. We know, it will start working again. So try it.


Messenger cache history

Every application installed on your phone has a separate area to store little info about the activities. This area is known as cache memory. Cache enables the faster speed and performance of any application. In case, the cache file misses any info or gets corrupted. The application gets malfunctioned and does not respond well.

To correct this problem, we need to go to settings > check the list of apps inside app manager or App and Notifications > scroll for FB messenger app and tap. Here, you will see cache and data inside the storage section. Tap on the clear cache option. Back to the home screen and power off the phone. After a while turn on the phone again. 

Wi-Fi or network connection

Fb messenger needs an internet connection to run.  Many times accidentally the wifi connection is turned on, and also the internet data is also activated. In this situation, the phone does not enable the proper connection and also the internet speed. 

In this case, FB messenger does not run smoothly. If you have an active data connection plan please turn off WiFi accessibility mode so you can continue to FB messenger conversations with your connections or friends.

Enabling background data

Many people disable background data so all the messenger apps conversations popup does not appear frequently while they are active on another app. It reduces the amount of data usage. If you are not getting any kind of notification related to FB messenger it might be because the background data is turned off.

To allow notification and messages on screen whether you are active or not active on messenger at that moment, you can change the app setting. 


  • Go to the home screen setting app. 
  • Apps and Notification.
  • Manage apps & See all apps
  • Locate messenger app.
  • Mobile Data & WiFi
  • Background Data


To enable background notifications while the data saver is turned on you can activate unrestricted data usage. You can also select the apps that consume most of the data and restrict the usage.


Update Phone

Over time, the android phone receives updates. We ignore these update notifications as it is time-consuming (around 1-2 hours). These updates resolve the technical functionalities and bugs, speed up phone and reliability, etc.

If you don’t update your phone, the app slows down and faces complexity. System performance and speed directly impact the internal application processes.

System updates add on the additional functionalities and better the performance of the system. When you update your system please also update the application installed on your phone.

Inside the setting app, system settings can be managed. At the bottom, you will see a system update, tap on it. Join your network and update your phone.

Reinstall messenger 

If any app is not responding you should try to uninstall and reinstall action. It is an effective method to fix any kind of accessibility problem. You simply have to locate the messenger app on the home screen, hold it, a popup will appear, select the uninstall option and the app will be deleted from your phone. Wait for 10 seconds, you can reinstall the app from the app store or play store.

Additionally, you can uninstall the app from the settings, app, and notification accessibility option, find out messenger, go inside, and tap on uninstall.

Reset default app settings

Don’t get confused between the phone reset and app reset settings as they are distinct from each other. In the reset phone option, all the stored data get erased from the phone. But when you reset the app settings it fixes the app functionalities to the default.

Access app preferences, inside system settings. The data will be safe on your phone. It will reset the notification setting, system app permissions, actions, and processes.

Simple go to setting then system settings reset > reset app preferences. You need to confirm the reset app, it will solve the errors related to any app.

Please do the same reset action for the network and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity so you can get notifications fast.

Active safe mode

If any app blocker is installed on your phone it will impact the app functionalities and notification settings. To fix this issue you can activate safe mode 8t is a way to suspend the functionalities of all third party or additional apps, only the essential apps will start load and process after getting into safe mode.

To enable safe mode, you should long hold the power button of your phone, you will get away to reboot safe mode or any logo will appear on your phone. Please tap on reboot and it will restart your phone with safe mode.

Check the installed apps that affect the app and system performance to run properly. Uninstall the unnecessary apps.

Reboot the phone to deactivated safe mode.

All these technical steps will fix the problem of FB messenger and other apps or you can contact any mobile phone support.

FB Messenger Expert Corner 

We have mentioned the ultimate solution guide to resolve the issue FB messenger and notification and still you are not satisfied with the app experience you should ask the experts for this you can visit any mobile care shop located in your city.  Try to reach out soon so you may save additional expenses. They have the experience to fix different mobile phones and their software settings and accessibility.

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