How to Register a Domain Name

What is Domain name?

Domain Name identifies an organization or other entity on the Internet. For eg, the domain name
Domain name helps in identifying one or more Internet Protocol address (IP address). As it is used to identify URL(Uniform Resource Locater) of a particular page.

Every domain name has a suffix with it which tells which top level domain it belongs to.

How to Register Domain Name

If you have a website, you must genuinely consider enlisting your domain name. A domain name is for example “” which helps in reference of your site. Take a note that you do not need to be an organization to enlist your domain name. Any one can do it as per their requirements. To make it know by the people around the world.

Register Domain Name
Register Domain Name

Registering your domain name is the first initiative towards making your business go online, so that world gets to know about you or your business.
Here are the few step to guide you, how you can register domain name.
For choosing through which site you want to register your domain name is totally your choice, as it depends on the plan and requirements of your business.

Domain Name Importance

  • In case you change your web host, your domain name goes with it. Your clients who knew your website name as would not need to be informed about the changes you made in your web address. They would by themselves re-dialed to your domain’s new site.
  • You create credibility through domain name with a domain name acquisition.
  • Domain name gives you or your business uniqueness.
  • It helps in brand building- if you have your company name in your domain name, it creates brand value.
  • You can have personalized and own email address by your domain name.
  • Search engine gives preference to those sites which have extraordinary domain name.
  • If you have a good domain name relevant to your business. People tend to remember your site name by themselves and may be by luck,if someone is browsing regarding your business, they might have your site for fulfillment of their requirements.
  • If your are looking forward to have an advertiser for your website then good domain name gives you a respectable halo.

It is exceedingly prescribed that you understand the significance of domain name and get your own domain name enlisted.

Registering Domain name

Earlier, domain names were costlier to buy but now the scenario of it has changed. Not only people buy domain name for their business but also for there personal use. So to start with it you can think about a couple of good Domain names that you’d choose to utilize. It might be possible the one you chose is already taken. So, You can discover a few tips on picking a decent domain name.

After you have chosen appropriate domain name for your website which needs to be relevant to your business.

You will be asked to submit following information to registrar:

  • The desirable domain name.
  • All the information, which includes name, contact number, physical address, email id and etc, for domain’s registrant and billing contacts.
  • You will need a PayPal account or credit card for the payment of your domain name. This is required by all the domain name registrars. This will allow you to get an immediate results of your application of domain name.
  • Registration term for the desirable domain name.
  • All the payment information
  • If you have a web host, acquire from the name servers. Simply store the data at some place. The data can normally be acquired from their FAQs or other documentation on their site, normally under the domain name or DNS (Domain Name System). If still you can not discover it, email it to them. As you will require the data of your website after you purchased your domain.
  • In case you don’t have your web host, you can simply permit the registrar to park your domain name for tentative time period. Which will help you to secure your domain name before it’s late and gives time to set up an alternative parts of your website.
  • Once you have given all the information to the registrar, they will start the execution of your domain name registration. The registrar will send you all the information about the domain name with a request.
  • Finally when all the information is updated, you are ready to use your domain name for your further working.

List of Domain Name Registrars

There are many domain name registrars for your domain name. Few of them are as follows-

1. GoDaddy: It is one of the most popular registrars and provide .com domain names. The features of GoDaddy are- web interface,free web redirection,free starter web page and optional private domain registration. They also offers .uk, .us, .org, .net, .info, .biz, .co, .tv, .ws, etc. the process of getting domain name on godaddy is very simple, you can view its site for its usage instruction.

2. Namecheap: Namecheap provides .com service along with it the provide features like -web hosting, free email forwarding, free domain name parking, free web redirection, etc.

3. It is primarily large domain name registrar. There features are- domain registration, free email account, DNS management, Free Mail Forwards, Domain Theft Protection, Domain Forwarding, a starter website with each domain and masking.

4. it is moderately popular domain name register and comparatively cheaper than others.They offer .biz, .tc, .sr, .md, .uk, .com, .cc, .org, .net, .de, .co, .md domains etc. with its features like- optional privacy facility and web interface.

Once you have decided your domain name, you should not delay. You must purchase it as soon as possible for your own convenience. As very frequently people purchase domain name and register it, once you have missed your opportunity to have the best relevant domain name for your business it may cost you a lot in terms of being easily remembered by people in connection with your business. So stay alert and think wise.

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