How to Make Your Phone Look Fresh?

We all have android phones usually the android phones work efficiently for one year to two years. Whenever a new phone launches in the market many people swap the new models by getting impressed by new technology, features, and specification. While some people keep their old phones for more than two years. 

Over the years, we install multiple apps on our phones, the media files consume the space. All these things impact the performance and battery of the phone. Moreover, if the phone is in a good state why will people go for a new phone. If you purchase a new phone, first you need to set up all the things to manage your tasks. 

People say that the many important apps are already on your phone like social media apps, games, and settings. But to get all the document files and photos on your new phone you need some time. Although if you have taken the backup of your old phone on your Gmail account still the things are time-consuming.

New phones get some new improvements of technology but it also cuts off your savings. By making some improvements to your existing model, you can get a feel for the new phone. 

9 ways to improvise your phone appearance

Below, we are listing suggestions to change the appearance of your phone from the perspective of look and functionalities.

Wallpaper setting

When you hold your phone in your hand, the noticeable thing is what appears on the screen. So, yes you should change the phone wallpaper whenever you feel a little bored in a week or a month. To do this, you can just open the display settings and go to the wallpaper setting. Select a new wallpaper. Here you have the option to keep the wallpaper the same for the lock screen and home screen or different for both. A solid color or dark background also looks good.

Change ringtone

We got multiple ringtones on our phone either you can customize different ringtones for different people or can change different ringtones over the weeks. It will also give a good experience. You can set a system ringtone or download new songs and set the theme as the ringtone of your phone.

Clean phone display

To keep the phone display scratch proof new technology has been discovered. We don’t pay much attention to the display but you should clean it in the interval of 1 or 2 days. Cleaning the phone screen is a very easy task, you just need a cotton or soft cloth, microfiber cloth, and a cleaning solution. You can purchase the screen cleaning solution from the market. It is available in gel or liquid form so spray it on a cloth and clean the fingerprints, dirt, pollutants from the display. Your display will gleam.

Change back cover

Back Cover not only changes the rear appearance of your phone but also keeps it safe from accidental damage. Wrapping a back cover is also an amazing way to give a new look to your old phone. You can get the back cover according to your likings, you can customize or print the selfie with your loved one as a back cover design, or can purchase animated characters, minions, cartoon characters, glittery back cover for your phone. It defines your personality. 

You can show your creative side, take a brush and color and draw something colorful on the back of your phone cover. Many people have a habit of matching their phones with their outfits or according to any event. You can also do so.

Custom launcher

You can give a completely different look to your phone by enabling a custom launcher. It will make some cool modifications to your android phone home screen. On the home screen, you get the quick accessibility of apps, shortcuts, widgets. It is like the organizer of your phone apps. To go back to the home screen from any other app screen you just need to tap on the home button of your phone.

You can change the position of apps according to your ease. To change the look of the home screen you can install new custom launchers. Nova Launcher, Action Launcher 3, smart launcher5, Apex launcher some of the names listed for the home screen launcher.

Custom launcher is responsible to manage multiple advanced features and utilities of the home screen:

  • Swipe motions to the up, left, right, down,
  • Light Theme, Dark Theme,
  • Ultimate icon pack,
  • Shortcut and folder arrangement,
  • Display settings, Ringtone accessibility

Lock screen customization

Give a change to your lock screen look. Go to the display settings and make some changes to the lock screen. By making modifications you will be able to get additional accessibility of information, and gestures. In a default lock screen appearance, you get to see the date and time, miss call alert, WhatsApp alert, message alert, or other notifications.

Theme setting

Many smartphone brand manufacturers functioned advanced theme settings so users can feel different modes, font style, etc. We all should thank the developers of HTC, REDMI, SAMSUNG, etc, to bring out some decent themes and functionalities.

Clear space on your phone

We keep downloading, install the things on our phones during these installations, some junk files, cache information consume the space on your phone. It slows the speed of the phone and you get difficulties accessing and operating apps and games on your phone. 

Delete these unnecessary files and unnecessary screenshot media files from your phone. You should do this action from time to time. You can transfer your important files, photos to other portable storage devices or on your laptop, and after that, you can clear the space.

Many apps are installed on our phones that we don’t use more often also some apps don’t been can serve any purpose to us. If you don’t like online shopping and still the apps on your phone just delete them. In android phones, we have the accessibility to download apps from the play store whenever you want to download apps. 

Download third party apps

Most of the time the modifications are achieved by software updates. Whether you have updated your phone or not. You have another way to make modifications to user interfaces, gestures, widgets, notification appearance themes. Many third-party apps are here to download that can completely modify the appearance of the phone and will give a fresh look and accessibilities. 

Now the phones are designed with an AMOLED screen, which looks cool because of its amazing cornered look, better color blend, shine, lights, and style effects. The third-party apps are able to modify the status bar for notifications, quick functions, and gestures. You can make any adjustments according to your choices. The shutter feature allows you to access the pop box so you don’t need to move on to different widgets. You can remove the app tray and access the apps through an app list.

To modify the widget appearance a third-party app (Zooper widget pro, ) is here, to launch the functionalities of wallpaper you can download Green Bay Packers wallpaper, you can change the home screen icon look through the icon pack. The display is also an amazing option to change the display look.

Do these things to make your phone look advanced like a new phone now you can keep your phone for a little longer.

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