How to make Android Phone look like Windows PC

As far back as tablets developed there has been the topic of whether they can supplant a laptop as a profitability gadget? Apparently Android gadgets stand a superior possibility of doing as such than iPads, as they give you more noteworthy access to the document framework and adaptability with regards to the look and feel of the framework. They may not exactly hit the statures of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, yet in this element we’ll investigate how you can make a modest Android tablet, similar to the Google Pixel C, look more like a PC.

Step by step instructions to Make Android look like Windows: Add a console and mouse

The clearest approach to make an Android tablet more PC-like is to include a few peripherals. There are three principle approaches to do this: Bluetooth, remote, and wired.


The Bluetooth course is the neater alternative as there are as of now an extensive variety of Bluetooth consoles and console/stand half breeds accessible for Android tablets. In the past we’ve been awed with any semblance of the Inateck BK1003E Ultra-Slim Universal console, nearby endeavors from Microsoft and Belkin, yet basically any Bluetooth console ought to work.

You may be astounded to realize that a Bluetooth mouse additionally takes a shot at Android, and once you’ve combined the gadget with the tablet you’ll see a pointer symbol show up on the screen, much the same as it would on Windows. It’s not precisely the same, as various applications appear to react in changed approaches to catch presses, yet it doesn’t take long to work out’s what and soon you’ll be indicating and clicking with the best of them.

To get up and running you can take after our aide on the best way to connect a Bluetooth console to your Android gadget.

How to make Android look like Windows PC
How to make Android look like Windows PC

Wireless (and Wired)

If you have a remote console and mouse then you can likewise utilize them on an Android tablet. All you’ll need is the little USB recipient that accompanied the fringe and something many refer to as an OTG link, which you can get for beside nothing on Amazon. These On the Go links are just a standard USB 2 port with a miniaturized scale USB port at the flip side. This mean you can plug your gadget (counting wired consoles and mice) into the standard estimated opening and afterward connect that to the charging port on your tablet.

The benefit of OTG links is that they open up a universe of conceivable outcomes for Android, including capacity through thumb drives, appending printers, and even USB centers so you can run various gadgets on the double. Make sure to do a little research already to check whether you require any applications or drivers to utilize particular gadgets, however after that you’ll be ready.

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