How to hide SMS on Android to keep your messages private

If you are searching for an approach to conceal your instant messages from the default informing application on your Android gadget, keep perusing to discover how you can secure your instant messages. Android phones do include lock screens keeping in mind the end goal to bolt everything on your phone. Be that as it may, it may irritate to enter the example or secret word each time you need to utilize your phone. In case you’re fine with individuals getting to other information on your phone other than SMS messages, then the strategy said beneath is the ideal alternative.


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Here’s an application that permits you to keep individuals from keeping an eye on your own discussions while likewise permitting you to record private discussions. This application goes about as your content informing application. Every one of your contacts, messages and calls logs are secured. In case you’re extremely jumpy about spies, this is the application for you.

Message Locker

Message Locker can bolt your instant messages, as well as other informing applications you may utilize. With this application, you can include a PIN/design lock to the greater part of your informing and email applications. One PIN/example will bolt all of them. It consequently recognizes informing applications on your phone. Everything from Hangouts to Snapchat might be locked.

Private Message Box

Private Message Box is an approach to naturally put messages from specific individuals behind a mass of security. You can include a number as a “private contact.” Any messages from that contact will be consequently moved to the application. Furthermore, in the event that somebody finds the application on your phone, it requires a PIN to open.

Private SMS and Call

This application sets up an individual space on your phone where you can include any contacts in. After that, approaching and friendly messages between private contacts will be kept in that individual space. They won’t be appeared in people in general informing application. You may even conceal the application symbol with the goal that no one will see the presence of the application on your phone.

Vault Hide SMS

A standout amongst the most effective applications for concealing messages is Vault-Hide. You can make “private contacts,” whose messages will be consequently covered up. Be that as it may, the application makes it a stride further. You can make a bait vault with fake shrouded data. On the off chance that somebody demands that you have shrouded messages, quite recently demonstrate to them the imitation.

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