How to Hide Photos on Android Devices

Do you ever loan your Android Smartphone to somebody and trust that they don’t look through your picture display? Possibly they will discover pictures sent from your life partner. Alternately what about those photos of you flexing or posturing before the mirror? That would humiliate! Here are the two principle approaches to hide your photos from investigating eyes. Here complete guide how to hide photos on android without app and make a private folder on android.

To start with choice: Manual record service

On the off chance that you don’t have a stock record director on your Smartphone, you can get one from the Android Market, for example, Astro File Manager, File Expert, or OI File Manager. Any of those will work. You can likewise mount your SD card on your PC and take after these progressions from that point (actually, that way may be a considerable measure quicker).

Step 1: Open the document director (or SD card) and include another organizer that begins with a period (.) took after by a name, as .mystuff

Step 2: Move your photographs into this organizer. They will no more appear in the default Gallery application nor some other picture viewer, simply the document chief. You should recollect where you put them, and you ought to note that they won’t be secured by a secret word, as they would be on the off chance that you’d utilized a photograph concealing application.

How to Hide Photos on Android Phone
How to Hide Photos on Android Phone

Second alternative: Apps that lock down and shroud your photos

There is a considerable measure of alternatives in this class. Two of the most mainstream applications are Vaulty and Gallery Lock Lite.

Vaulty: To stow away photographs with this application, simply open it and after that press and hang on individual pictures until the menu appears. You can likewise experience the customary Gallery on the Smartphone and press the offer catch on pictures to send them into Vaulty’s concealing spot, ensured by a secret word. The quantity of photographs that can be covered up is boundless, and the application is free.

Exhibition Lock Lite: This is a more extensive concealing device. You can set a password to open access to your photographs, which you are incited to do upon first opening the application. Also, you can conceal the Gallery Lock Lite application from the application drawer and open it by calling 3333 from the dialer. The measure of photographs you can stow away is restricted in the free form; however the application producer offers a Pro form for only one buck.

So set your psyche quiet when loaning out your Smartphone by practicing one of the alternatives above.

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