Here’s how to fix to iOS 10 Problems and Issues

The latest version of Apple OS is out now, the new iOS 10 comes with some really astounding features and some glitches, which is faced by many iphone users but can be fixed with the help of few steps.

Battery Draining

Bug-If you have updated to iOS 10, then you should be ready to charge your iphone most of the time.

Fix-There are many solution but best solution to this problem would be turning your iphone to power saving more for that you can go to Settings, then click on Battery and toggle it to on Low Power Mode.

Bluetooth and Wifi Problem

Bug– This is nothing new, this problem is faced by every user when ever new iOS is there.

Fix– All you can do is reset your network, that might be a helping hand for your smooth network of bluetooth and wifi, for that go to Settings tap on General,click on Reset button and Reset Network Settings. Hopefully, this will help you for every iOS update. Hehe..

iOS 10 Problems and Issues Solutions
iOS 10 Problems and Issues Solutions

No Vibrating Notifications

Bug-Some users have observed that their iphone doesn’t vibrate when they receive any type of message.

Fix– The only solution we see here is, you can restart your phone by pushing and holding the home and sleep button together for 15 seconds. Just in case that doesn’t work, you can always prefer for factory reset but do not forget to backup all your data before doing it.

Rise to Wake

Bug– iOS 10 has added an amazing feature of “Rise to Wake” which means when ever you pick your iphone, the screen will automatically get on. Some users have not experienced this feature yet.

Fix– You can once check if the feature is still enabled or not in your iphone for that go on to Settings tap on Display and Brightness and tap on “Raise to Wake”.

Cant delete apps

Bug– This is not only about iOS10 , but since a very long time this problem is faced by the apple users -of apps not getting deleted and displaying message of waiting.

Fix– there are 3 ways you would want to try to remove a hanged app in your iphone-
1. You can hard reset it by pressing and holding home and sleep button together for 15 second.
2.Make sure you aren’t downloading any other apps while deleting the one you are trying to remove.
3.You may want to try reseting all your apps by going in the settings then scroll to reset and the “reset all applications”.

Screen is dead

Bug– Last but not the least, in the list of iOS 10 glitches . Your screen doesn’t respond to your touch inputs any more.

Fix– All you can do is remove your iphone case and protector and clean it properly and then restart your iphone or Tap on Settings,click on General then Accessibility after that 3D Touch. This way you can set your iphone sensitivity. If none of these work hurry up contact Apple Support now.

Like we all know, with every new update, we miss out our old features but change is always good, so try to learn and fix. If you have any kind of problem stay updated with us. Toodles.

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