How to Fix the Android Screen Orientation Issue By Yourself ?

In an Android phone, we can view an image in two different styles of portrait or landscape. It helps to read and view the media files with clarity. Many users have complained that this feature has stopped working on their phone and now they have faced difficulty changing screen view. One common reason for this problematic event is the screen view setting. Other technical reasons for this problem can be sensor failure, outdated software, pending updates, etc.

To solve the problem of screen view rotation, we are giving you instructions in this post.

Restart your android phone

All the short-term technical issues get resolved by restart action. This thing also works in this case. Hold the power button to switch off and switch on the phone. So, the problem gets fixed. Every android phone needs a fresh restart over time. But nobody tells us the thing. We only restart the android phone when the phone stops receiving the signal or it hangs. Try this step to get a clear screen view of the phone. It is the quickest way to resolve any kind of phone issue.

Screen Auto-rotate view setting

We hold the phones from different angles and if the phone rotation mode is activated on the phone it automatically adjusts the screen view according to the angle to portrait and landscape. Google has rolled in some of the great apps and features to make everyone’s life easier. Google also suggests rotation view options to shift between portrait and landscape.

All android phone users can try this. During the time of rotation, you should locate the circular button to the left bottom of the screen. If you will tap or touch on that it will shift to a different position or screen view size.

If you will turn the auto-rotation mode on, it will encounter technical problems. So, please check the screen view rotation setting, inside the setting app under the display setting. You can also enable and disable screen auto-rotate mode by accessing the quick slide option bar at the top or bottom of the screen.

Check sensors setting

To ease the life of smartphone users, multiple sensors are associated with the phone. It is responsible for navigation, location, screen view, speed, and performance. In case the functionality of sensors got malfunctioned or met with any unexpected failure events, the auto-rotation setting will get into trouble. Go inside the setting app and check GPS settings, accelerometer, Gyroscope setting.

To check the status of these, the sensors play store offers an app GPS status and toolbox that you can download. 

  • Open the app once it is downloaded on your phone.
  • Click on the menu toggle or option. Select the diagnose sensors option.
  • Move your phone sideways to check Gyroscope and Accelerometer settings.
  • If your phone screen does not tilt or move from one screen position to another then the problem is associated with sensors. Please visit the nearest mobile care service center for technical support.

GPS status & toolbox app

If after activating the auto-rotate screen mode, you are facing the same screen view problem then the sensor failure may be the real reason behind this problem. Gyroscope, Accelerometer sensors are responsible to perform orientation and angle view of the screen. 

  • To fix this problem you can download and install the app ‘GPS Status & Toolbox app’.
  • Locate the app on the play store.
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed you can access the main menu and select the option ’Diagnose sensors’
  • This action will let you know the proper condition of the activated sensors.
  • Move your phone left and right so you can check if the sensors are working or not.
  • If there are any sensor malfunctioning issues the sensors will not work.

If there’s nothing wrong with the phone’s sensor then this way will resolve the problem. 

App rotation Settings 

If you have turned on the auto rotation on your phone. Many apps do not tilt automatically. To adjust the screen view you need to do it manually such as youtube, video players, and other additional apps do not tilt automatically. On the top right corner, you will see an icon that adjusts the screen mode from portrait to landscape.

Many apps are only designed with only portrait mode or landscape mode and you can’t do anything with this. If the phone screen view is set on ‘Auto-rotate’ the screen will adjust the view according to the situation and position you are holding the phone. Too much rotation will impact the functionality of the phone.

You can swipe down the bar to disable the auto-rotate mode. You can disable it from the setting app > display > auto-rotate screen. If the sensor is not a problem and you are facing screen rotation problems then you will not face it anymore.

Update system software

If you have restarted the phone, the phone should start working correctly because after this action all the unnecessary actions and processes will pause and terminate. If you have also diagnosed the sensors and auto-rotate screen view setting then things should be perfectly fine. It might be that the system or software updates are waiting for your phone. Go to the settings app and at the last, you will see a software update you can use the Wi-fi connection to download new software version updates it will fix additional software malfunctioning issues and bugs and update the performance of phones, sensors, and app functionalities.

When the updates are done the phone will restart to optimize the phone performance app performance status. After a few minutes, you will be ready to use your phone and the screen orientation will also manage after the software updates.

Because of the pending software updates the app also misses some functionalities and faces compatibility problems. If the system software is updated and the applications and sensors are also updated, the phone performs well.

Phone safe mode

Some apps might not be compatible with your phone functionalities, such apps impact the screen orientation and other functionalities. Delete such apps from your phone. But before removing this app from the home screen you should check in safe mode to know the real reason for such issues. 

Safe mode is such a significant utility to eliminate such problematic events. By enabling safe mode, you get the accessibility of necessary apps.

By using the power button and following the steps your phone will go into safe mode.

You need to open the power menu.

Keep holding the power-off option from the menu. If you are using a Techno and Infinix smartphone, then click on the logo of HiOS/ XOS.

You will enter into Reboot to safe mode, after that the phone will restart.

Check if the phone screen orientation is changing or not. Now reopen the app to check if the problem stays the same or eliminated. 

If things are not proper then, do visit a mobile care shop and share your problem with the expert mobile tech professional. Because here, we have mentioned all the technical reasons that occur the problem. But advanced sensor issues only can be treated at reputed service centers.

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