How to fix overheating Issue in an Android Phone

Android phones have now become the part of our daily life. People never leave their Smartphone alone even for a single minute. In other words, a Smartphone user hold their phone almost every time because they have a lot of work to do with it like checking their Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram as well as getting latest news updates from different news portals. Along with this there are several different works that people do with their Android phone.

Sometimes we don’t care about number of applications running in the background which causes overheating. Overheating is a very common problem which occurs in most of the Android phones available in the market today. You would also have probably faced the problem in your gadget, that’s why here we are going to demonstrate how to fix overheating issue in an Android Phone.

Android Overheating
Android Overheating

How to fix overheating Issue in an Android Phone

Disable Running Apps Background

Disable the unnecessary applications such as Google Maps, GPS and other applications as well as all the associated applications which use these applications in background. These applications eat up your data so quickly and utilize your phone’s battery, data and most importantly RAM. Once you’ve opened more than one application in a background this causes CPU overheating. Download Clean Master to disable unnecessary applications running in the background.

Use Original Charger

A duplicate phone Charger is the reason of overheating your phone. That is why all the smartphone production companies always suggest using original charger only. You may also experience this issue by connecting duplicate charger to your phone.

Don’t cover your phone

Covering your Smartphone may also cause it overheating. There are plenty of beautiful Smartphone covers which attract users to give a different look to their phone. But on the other hand it harm your phone’s CPU. So to get better experience without hanging problem, it’s better to use Smartphone without cover.

Clean Junk files

Junk files are also one of the most common reason or overheating. So you should clean all the cookies and junk files at least at least thrice in a week. There are plenty of free junk cleaner available online, you may prefer anyone of them to clean cookies and junk files.

Keep your Smartphone at cool and sheltered place

It’s important to keep your phone in a cool and sheltered place because warmth or heat may damage your phone’s battery as well as screen. If your pocket is tight then don’t keep your phone in the pocket, prefer either bag or loose pocket’s trousers to keep your phone inside otherwise it can be damage.

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