How to Encrypt Facebook Messages with Secret Conversations

Facebook is finally catching up to, all the other chat applications out there by adding end to end encryption messenger. Debuting the secret chat feature, it is only visible to sender and reader, it prevent anyone from reading these selected chats including Facebook itself. These messages will be visible on one device of the person you are communicating with, that means if you have started conversation in messages on your phone in secret conversation mode, you cannot continue that conversation on your tablet or PC. The same is true with the person you are communicating with.

Only two devices can access these conversations when they happen. Secret conversations also feature a timer option where you can set the length of time of each message to be visible which is variable. Making payment, gifts and videos are not supported in this mode. The secret conversation features will work on desktop, computers, phones and tablets.

How to start a Facebook secret conversation

The feature only works on Facebook Messenger for Android and Apple users. It does not support Facebook chat in web browser.
The messenger is available on Google play store and Apple App store so you can download and install it from there.

How to use secret conversations on Facebook Messenger
How to use secret conversations on Facebook Messenger

Step 1. Open the Facebook messenger in your device and click on home button.
Step 2. In an android phone click+” and start new conversation. You will find a padlock, turn it on. And now select the person you want to communicate.
In case of apple click on icon of new message, Choose secret and select the person you want to communicate with.
Step 3. You can set delete timer for each message you do by clicking on the timer icon in the messages.
Step 4. Keep a check that your conversation is secret or not by going in the message list, you will find padlock icon on your conversation.
Another way is you can click on the message and choose “I” & device keys.

You will see two keys there one is yours and another one is of the one you are chatting with if both are same then your chat is encrypted.

And here you are done with the secret Conversation. Enjoy your privacy so that nobody, just in case of hacking can also view your secret conversation of Facebook.

Changing device on which you were having secret chat.

No, if in case you change the device of your secret conversation you won’t have access to your secret conversation anymore. If the recipient is using the same device of the secret chat then he/she can view the old secret chat.
Though there is an option that you can, start a new secret conversation with the same person on a new device.

Can you delete secret conversation?

Yes, surely you can delete all your secret conversation from your own device. That doesn’t mean that the conversation will get delete from the other person’s device as well. It will still stay in their device until and unless they don’t delete it by their own wish.

Despite of the fact that secret conversation is not available for everyone right now, Facebook says, while it appears similar to normal chat from a user stand point but secret conversation use a different transport protocol specialized on devices storage and separate back and infrastructure.
However, there is no way that you can stop someone from viewing or taking screen shot of your message which you have sent.
Different from Whatsapp, the encryption gets automatically activated in it, in Facebook you have to do it by yourself.

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