How to Enable GPS location on Android

GPS is also known as Global Positioning System, a satellite-based navigation system which displays the location of the one who is using it, despite of any weather condition, 24 hours a day, anywhere around the world. And the great news is there are no charges or subscription fees to use GPS.

GPS is extremely accurate and versatile in nature. Easy to access and understandable. Though initially it was introduced for military applications but now it’s in the hand of every next person around the world. For some business working it is meant for tracking which slices the cost of labor, while for others it is considered for enhancement of safety features, the fuel cost decreases as location is easily accessible with the support of GPS location, it improves job execution, a better customer service is provided within the limited time,the productivity can be seen on roads in timely manner no matter what reason you are looking into GPS pallet, you will always find more then you must have imagined of from gaming purpose to traveling to working, the list of benefits of GPS is exorbitant.

How to change GPS location on Android
How to change GPS location on Android

To set up a GPS location feature on your Smartphone is very simple.

Go on your phone’s Settings icon.

  1. Then go to Privacy and safety. click on it.
  2. Click on Location.
  3. Be sure of Location toggle that it is on the accurate position.
  4. Now, click on Locating mode.
  5. Check GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks.
  6. And Here you go, it’s now ready to work.

Every technology carries some limitation with it. Likewise, in GPS location there has been long discussion on location services gradually draining the battery of phones. As constantly they are looking for location, so it is kind of true that phones get discharged easily while using it. But with the age of Marshmallow, time changes and the technology evolves. Now, it is convenient to toggle on or off your GPS location with better privacy features which can be set manually with the user permission to access the location.

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