How to Delete, Recover and Transfer Android Call Logs

You may believe that erasing your call logs will inhibit others to watch your call details which you’ve received or made yet the reality is not as you’re thinking. User who know how to handle with those android phones which may uncover the calls which you need to hide or want to keep it secret form others. This line may scare you, but it happens in reality. Erasing the call logs by tapping the Delete button just takes your data behind the door and the door can be compelled to open by somebody gifted in breaking the barrier.

How to Completely Delete Call History from Any Android Phones

Step 1: Install Android Eraser on a Computer

The initial step for the entire task is downloading the program and launches it properly on your device. Just like launching simple software, there is no problem on this. Once it is properly downloaded the desktop shortcut will be displayed on your main desktop screen. To open it you just need to make double tap on this icon from the desktop and it will be ready to work.

Step 2: Connect your smartphone to computer

Nothing will take place until you connect your smartphone with the computer. So if you want to delete, retrieve or complete any other task, please connect your Android device with the computer through OTG. Check whether the USB driver is installed or not, if yes then turn to USB debugging. Once your gadget is perfectly connected with the Computer, tap on the alternative Erase Your Old Phone from the screen.

Step 3: Start Deleting Call History on Android Phone

Once you’ve selected Erase your Old Phone option then it’s now turn to tap on the ‘Erase Now’ button. It will take some times to start the erasing procedure. Please have patient.


How to Recover Deleted Call Logs Android

Step 1. Plug Android phone to computer

Connect your Android phone with your computer utilizing an OTG cable and Run Data Recovery software such as Fonepaw to get your data, call logs back. While connecting the program please wait.

Step 2. Activity USB Debugging

Once you’ve connected it properly, you have to verge USB troubleshooting so the Android device can be explored. Operation may vary according to the Android Operating System.

Step 3. Pick Call History to Scan

All types of file are shown on the window. It would be ideal if you pick “Call Logs” and after that press the “Next” option. It will scan the procedure.

Step 4. Permit the Software to Get Privilege

Now, the system needs to get right to scan erased data. So, go to Android phone option. Tap on “Permit/Grant/Authorize” on the gadget and make sure that the solicitation has been recalled forever.

Step 5. Review and Recover Call Logs from Android Phone

At the point when the interface happens, tap on “Call Logs” option on the left hand side. You may preview the erased and existing call logs in facts, adding name, date, type, phone and duration. Mark the substance you require and tap “Recover”. They’ll be sent out in HTML designs.

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