How to Change Home Screen Launcher on Android Phone

The most amazing way to modify your mobile phone is to introduce a launcher. Launchers permit you to leverage a huge amount of customs in your Android phone for themes and icons, and in addition offering how your screen shuts on and off, how your apps get launched and many more.

As a major aspect of new arrangement on getting the most out of tweaking your Android gadget, we figured one major change in the Android Launcher “Home screen”. The most simplest approach to think about this is, basically, the home screen is its own particular application. As you launch apps by tapping on to it. Home screen is always there without launching it in any way. And just like that, so many apps working on android. The launcher can also be replaced by many other mind boggling alternatives.

Change Your Home Screen Launcher on Android Device
Change Your Home Screen Launcher on Android Device

Just by writing “launcher” into the Play Store, you will get a huge amount of results, each with their own particular customization alternatives, advantages, and appearance. Good part of it is,you aren’t the first one to try it, so don’t think these are risky or being utilized by a minority of individuals. Some of these launchers have more than hundred million downloads, and most have more than one million.

There is one for everything you could ever want, so we have here like Google now launcher which comes on the nexus devices now. You can download that & install it from play store. Nova launcher is one of the popular launcher, then comes the go launcher as well as Apex launcher. All they are free version, we do have paid versions as well which allow you to do few more customization options depending on them but in most cases the free version is going to be plenty enough for you. You can also do things like having a fake windows 8 launcher. They even have iPhone launcher and there are tons of it.

So when you finally decide which one you want to try. You simply follow the steps below, to have it perfectly in your Android Phone.

The Following steps are for changing the home screen launcher on Android phones-

Downloading a new launchers

  • Turn your phone screen on
  • Then simply go to your play store in your android mobile phone
  • You will find a search tab in the top row of the Play store. In the search tab, type “launcher”
  • Choose one of the launcher you would like to have and install it. (example: Google now launcher, Hola launcher, Launcher 8, lighting launcher etc)

Testing the New Launcher

Instead of hitting open button after the instillation of launcher, tap home button.
(as few launchers are build in android it has different versions of it)

When you see prompt box, click on the new launcher icon and choose just once option. (as you do not want to try it always, whenever you wish to open your android phone)
You can try it once and twice but keeping in mind that you only hit just once option.

Replacement of default or old home screen with a new launcher

  • Click on the home button
  • When the prompt appears, hit on the new launcher icon and select always.
  • It is meant for opening the new launcher every time you want to view your home (you can surely uninstall your new launcher by uninstalling the way you uninstall your other apps, in this way your default launcher will become the original launcher again.

Playing around with new launcher for your Android phone can be pretty amusing as there are loads and loads of launchers on Play store for Android users. Sometimes, these launcher can be little confusing which might change your mind, to switch back to launcher which you were using for long time but to give your android phone a new look and feel, you must try one or two of them. Whichever, seems comfortable to you, so that whenever you open it you see what you like.

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