List of Google now voice commands

As an Android user, you would have notice a magical expression “Ok Google”. When you utter these words, a new world of immediate information gets unlocked for you. It sounds amazing, but most of us are thinking that what are the limitations of Google Now? How many questions can we ask Google?

To reply this, we’ve collected a Google voice commands list which is attuned with the Google Now.  It is pretty broad list, however we persuade you to have a look on the whole list and attempt these commands out for yourself.

There are thousands of questions which is asked and searched on Google by the people. Everyone search as per their expectations to know something. These questions may belongs to all the possible occurring in the universe. Not only this you may also ask google about the histories when Google was not there as well as about technologies, market, movies and much more. Google will reply you with the perfect result. Here in this article we have collected all the possible answers you get by Google Now when you ask something to Google. Below are Google now voice commands list or voice assistant.

Google now voice commands list
Google now voice commands list

Google Now Voice Commands

Phone and Text

  • “Call (my brother)” or “Call (Jessica).”
  • “Find (phone number).” – this way you may explore for a contact info.
  • “Text (Dad) (we are on the way).”
  • “Show today’s messages to me.”
  • “Check voicemail”
  • “Begin a Hangouts chat”/ “Send a message to Jessica on Hangouts.”
  • “Start a video call.”


  • “What am I doing tomorrow?”/”When is my next event?”
  • ”Wake me up in (5 AM) ”/ “Set an alarm for (4 AM)”
  • “Remind me to (give a call to my Jessica on her birthday)”/”Remind me to (wish Mom Happy Birthday at 12 AM).”
  • “Book (a room at hotel or table on Valentine’s day evening).”
  • “Make a note: (give Cindy the registration forms this Sunday).”
  • “Where is my package?” – it only functions if tracking is applied through Gmail.

App and Device Commands

  • “Revolve on WiFi.”/”Turn off WiFi.”
  • “Turn Bluetooth on.”/”Turn Bluetooth off.”
  • “Turn flashlight on.”/”Turn flashlight off.”
  • “Lock the phone.”
  • “Turn on/off/up/down volume.”
  • “Start (Pandora).”
  • “Take a picture”/ “Record a video”.

GPS and Weather

  • “How do I get home?”
  • “Where is the (Kuttub Minaar)?”
  • “What time is it in (US)?”
  • “Where is the closest (cinema hall)?”
  • “How far away is (Taj Mahal)?”
  • “Show me my flight information.”
  • “What are some attractions around (Chicago)?”

Entertainment and Sports

  • “Play/Shuffle (OneRepublic).”
  • “What song is this?” – Google Now will listen to a song playing and pick out the tune.
  • “Watch (The Lord of the Rings).” – only works if you own said title on Google Play.
  • “When was the (Jungle Book) released?”
  • “Who is the author of (Storm Breaker)?”
  • “When is the next (Steelers) game?”

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