Google Allo Review – Should you switch or not?

Allo is a Google app recently launched by Google. It is a straightforward text messaging application. The unique feature of this a application is that it uses your phone number instead of tying up with your Google account, so any iPhone and android phone can sign inyo it and start using this application.

Now as a text messaging application it’s pretty good. Google Allo is really a straightforward application you can send text messages you can send emojis’s and emoji’s in this application are kind of unique and different than rest of the applications and also it has stickers that you may really need.

You can also make the size of the word that you are typing bigger or smaller whatever size you want just by dragging up and down  for example->If you want to scream the word you can just make it size bigger or you just or if you just want to whisper you can make the size smaller.

Google Allo Video Review

You can also send photos though that is not a unique feature like all other applications but the good thing is that it allows you to write anything on the photos.

If you want it may look like all other application but the unique feature is that it comes from Google and there are a bunch of crazier things that it can do.

You must have heard of SIRI, Alexa and cortana but Google has always been on the first. Google has Google now and voice search but the good news is it will work as if you are talking to another person. In Google Allo you can actually have conversation with the application. It will ask you questions and you just have to answer also you can ask questions and it will respond to you.

Actually Allo works on artificial intelligence it is a unique application for example-> you are having a conversation with your friend and you ask him to send graduation photos and your friend sends you then it will automatically suggest you to write congratulations as this application is a kind of machine learning application which works on artificial intelligence. It’s creepy isn’t it but Google also promises that it will not be storing your contents. It’s just analyzing it and throwing them away. It can actually do crazy thing.

Google Allo Review
Google Allo Review

For example->If you are having a conversation with your friend it can be a private conversation and he asks you do you like Italian food Allo automatically recognises the keyword and it will suggest you all the nearby Italian restaurants, it will also ask you to book a table whether for 2 people or 3 it will give you a lot of options so that you can easily search what you have been looking for. It will also ask you the time when you want to book the table. It also give you access to operate your account privately, you can do private chats in case if you want your data to be more secured Google will not store any of the data and it will through it all in the trash so overall  it’s an awesome application with unique features.

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May be some people will like it because of its unique features but other may find it a bit awkward as it’s working on machine learning may be after sometime more applications which are much more advanced then Google may be launched which will read your mind and tell do this and don’t do that waiting for such applications..!!

I will suggest you to try it out at least once so that you can also take advantage of Google new application it also works like that for example-> you need to buy clothes and you like pink and you searched all the clothes colored pink and next time whenever you are looking for clothes it will show you more clothes of same colour.

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