Four Vitamin C Rich Foods That Can Help You Get Rid of Cold

We are bound to experience the ill effects of cold and influenza during the winter season. Stuffy throat, running nose, headache are regular indications of cold and influenza. Most of us take meds when we get a cold. Be that as it may, there are regular approaches to shield yourself from the cold and influenza and the most well-known is to build the intake of nutrient C.

Nutrient C keeps our body strong and fights back bacterias, liable for cold. It keeps your bones, muscle, and blood vessels sound and fit.

Here are 4 nutrient C rich foods that you can need to remain strong.

Bell pepper

Bell pepper contains double the amount of nutrient C than any citrus organic product. Thus, they are increasingly compelling when experiencing side effects of a typical virus. 100 gm of green bell pepper contains 16.52 mg nutrient C.


Red and succulent tomatoes are stuffed with nutrient C and generally found in each family. Tomatoes help to build resistance and keep you protected from cold and influenza during the change in the season. 100 g of raw tomatoes contains 23 mg of nutrient C.


Berries are yummy and are stacked with nutrient C. High in fiber berries also fight inflammation. 100 g of blueberries contains 10 mg of nutrient C, while 100 gm of strawberries accompanies 58 mg of nutrient C.


100 g of pineapple contains 47 mg of nutrient C. This sweet and delicious product is pressed with antioxidants that can assist battle with free radicals. Pineapples are also stacked with vitamin A and K, phosphorus, zinc and calcium.

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