Five WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

From pinning important chats on the top to reading messages without letting the sender know, here is a rundown of WhatsApp tricks you should know about.

Pin an important chat

Composing names of notable individuals in the pursuit bar or looking down to get to their visit history may get tedious each time you need to chat. WhatsApp enables you to stick visits of three contacts on the top. Swipe a visit to one side and tap on the pin symbol to get it to the top (iOS) or hold a talk and tap the pin button once chosen (Android).

Read messages without letting the sender know

You can maintain a distance from the blue tick from showing up on the messages you have read. Put your phone on flight mode and open WhatsApp to read the messages. Close the application and remove it from your multi-window. Turn off the flight mode and the visit will seem unread to the sender.

Mark chats as unread

Mark a chat with a dot in case you read a message yet can’t quickly answer. This will fill in as an update for some other time. On iOS, swipe the visit to one side and tap on the unread button, while on Android, press and hold the chat that you wish to mark unread.

Read and send messages without touching the phone

Virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant you read messages without opening or touching your phone. You should simply give them a verbal command and they will wrap up.

Bookmark messages

There may be something significant in a talk that you would need to bookmark. WhatsApp enables you to do that by featuring these messages. Open the particular message in a visit, hold down the message and afterward press star.

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