Five Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is considered to be one of the top social media platforms today, and it has been appreciated by millions of people around the world. This picture sharing social media platform has defeated all the odds and have made itself as good as any other social media platform. As of today, Instagram has a huge user base of more than 800 million users, and it seems to be growing every minute. Instagram does not just let you share your special moments with your family or friends, but this platform has also proved itself to be a great platform for social media marketing as well. With Instagram, you can improve your business, and I order to do that you will need to run a good social media campaign on the platform and gain more followers. And if you want to gain followers fast on Instagram you will have to work on it, and it is imperative because the more followers you have, the better your campaign will be. So here in this article are some interesting strategies that will help you gain more Instagram followers.

1# Start with the hashtags

Hashtags are a significant part of your Instagram marketing campaign, and they can change your campaign dramatically. If you want to reach more people and gain more followers on Instagram, then hashtags can help you with that because they are meant to improve your reach. All you need to do is come up with a creative and interesting hashtag that will represent your brand, and you will have to use that hashtag in all of your posts. If the hashtag is good enough, your reach will improve, and soon you will start seeing more followers on your Instagram profile.

2# Host Instagram contests

Instagram contests are becoming very popular these days, and they are an entertaining way of gaining more followers on Instagram. The main idea of these competitions is to give a free prize away and we know you might not like the idea of free giving but trust us, in this case, it will be worth it. Just start a contest on your profile and ask people to comment or like, in the end, you can decide the winner by the number of likes, by judges or by lucky draw. These contests will grab the attention of many Instagram users, and it will increase your followers for sure.

3# Go to Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers refer to those famous personalities and accounts on Instagram that are loved by people and can convince people. If you can find an Instagram influencer who is related to your niche and has a huge following, then you can ask them to promote your product or service. You can do that by offering them your service or product for free and ask them to review it, or you can just pay them for sharing your Instagram profile. This will boost your following in no time.

4# Develop trust with your followers

One way of gaining more followers is establishing trust with the existing followers, and that can be done by interacting with those followers. Whenever your followers share something with you, appreciate them and also whenever they ask any question answer them properly and encourage them to ask more. Even stay connected with them in the comment sections and like ad reply to their comments and appreciate their opinions. This way you are developing yourself as a trusted brand, and that will improve your following.

5# Buy followers

Well if you think you have less time and you want to gain followers on Instagram fast then you can always go to those websites who are offering Instagram followers. These websites sell followers on Instagram and other social media websites. You can buy them instantly from there, and sure you will have to spend some money, but you will get them immediately. Vibbi is one of those websites which is offering free followers and likes for Instagram you can get it from there.

Now you can see that gaining followers on Instagram on followers is not any rocket science and you can gain more followers by just implementing these simple strategies.

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