Fastest Way to Transfer Large Files Between Android Devices

In today’s fast moving world nobody wants to hold up in waiting. That’s why today I’ll show you how you can Transfer large files to Android Devices. To share large files quickly you’ll need to install a file transfer applications on your device. There are number of options available given below about how to easily transfer files between nearby smartphones quickly, you may choose any one them and start sharing your files.

Transfer Options

  • Bluetooth
  • USB OTG cable
  • WiFi network
  • ES File Explorer

The most helpful method of file transfer between two devices like cell phone is Bluetooth and most of us are already utilized it to share music, videos and photographs between our phones. But, Bluetooth is beneficial to exchange a couple of records of small sizes such as photographs or reports. Normally, the exchange rate of files remains 2kbps but transferring multiple number or size of files may take several minutes which is pretty much boring and time taking.

Transfer Large Files Between Android Devices
Transfer Large Files Between Android Devices

USB is a better option however it involves utilizing wires to connect two different devices.

Wifi network such as wifi direct is another good option to share files through which you may transfer files between two devices very quickly. It sounds awesome, you may transfer data using wifi direct technology even when there is no internet access point near.

Making a Personal Hotspot on Android                                                                                                    

Go to the Android setting and pick More option to have a Wi-Fi connection, select the More option below the Wireless and Network settings. Here, tap on the alternative Tethering and versatile hotspot (the name may vary) and begin the association. You may change the SSID name and set a secret key for additional security.

Most of the tablets that don’t accompany SIM card backing won’t not discover the alternative to make an individual hotpot as it’s not a vital component on the off chance that you can’t get to 3G on the gadget.

Transferring the File utilizing ES File Explorer

When you have facilitated the connection on an Android gadget, activate the Wi-Fi on second Android phone and connect with the system facilitated by the primary phone.

Ensure you don’t have a static IP, however dynamic IP in the Wi-Fi settings. Once both the gadgets are connected, it’s a great opportunity to send the ES File Explorer application on them two.

On the Android gadget from where you need to send, select the documents and tap on the three-dab menu for more choices. You can choose various records on the off chance that you wish to and afterward tap the Send choice in the menu. In the event that both the gadgets are associated with each other and you have ES File Explorer open on them two, you will see the second Android gadget in the rundown.

Now you should simply tap the Send button and the recipient will get an acknowledge warning to permit the approaching document exchange. The pace of exchange will be 30 times more than that of Bluetooth (around 3 to 5 Mbps) and you can significantly exchange a full HD motion picture in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the exchange can be sent to foundation and you can start a parallel exchange with a third android gadget also.

It doesn’t make a difference which of the Androids is facilitating the association. Once the gadgets are associated, you can send and get records from any of the gadgets.

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