Apple Products Scheduled in September, iPhone 13, Apple Watch7 Insights

Apple Watch 7, iPhone13, Airpods 3 are expected to release in September. Before its release, there are a few updates about the Apple Watch to which you should pay attention.

Before every release of Apple products their features, looks, apps create chaos around you and everyone wants them in their hands as soon as they get released and available for the customers.

Apple products are one of the most expensive products but the investment is worth it because of the performance and features.

Are you all excited to know about the Apple Watch 7 & Apple iPhone13?

Here in this blog, we are going to unbox a few things about these new Apple products. 

Apple Watch7

If you are interested in buying a new smartwatch that offers good battery life, features, tools, apps, appearance, and more, Apple Watch 7 is one of the best choices.

WWDC has confirmed that this latest Watch will be in-built with Watch O8 software. Apple Watch 7 is considered as an upgraded version of the Apple Watch plus it will satisfy the next generation utilities. For years, September is considered the releasing month of Apple products so the releasing date for Apple Watch is expected to be in September 2021.

The price of the Apple Watch 7 is yet to be confirmed. When we look at the previous series 6 Watch their releasing price was $399. So, you can expect that price may be in the same range of $399. We are saying this because of its features, tools accessibility, and tremendous building quality and performance.  Although, new hardware has not been included in this Apple Watch 7 so there is less chance of any increment in its price.

The Apple Watch 7 will appear for their customers in sage green color, with flat edges and thinner bezel, making it attractive and beautiful among all the Apple Watches. You can say the appearance is one of those new things included and makes a difference from the last Apple Watch arrivals.

Apple Series 6 watches appear in grey, silver, gold, blue, red, graphite,gold-steel, titanium & black titanium colors Apple 7 will appear in the new sage green, basic black, silver, blue, red. The other updates about the colors will be confirmed when it will make an entry into the market till then you can stick with this info.

The battery performance of the Apple Watch7 is one of the impressive factors that makes it desirable and will make you buy this. You can wear this the whole day after a single charge. It offers long battery life. The battery life performance has been compared with many fitness trackers, smartwatches and on that, it is confirmed. 

Nobody wants to frequently plugin the smartwatches on the charge. They want a gadget that can stay alive till their workday schedule gets over and the Apple watch 7 fits this need. A professional can wear this watch throughout the day and don’t need to charge again and again. Previous Apple Series watches were released with an 18 Hours battery life; in these recent arrivals, it is rumored to increase a bit.

The big buzz about the new Apple Series Watch 7 is that it is including the utility of a Blood Glucose Monitor. But there is no official confirmation or update on this. All these bubbles are in the air. Although, if the rumors are true it will be a great feature that will be useful for humanity. 

Apple is not alone in working on this new sensor, feature utility of blood Sugar monitoring technology, Samsung has also mentioned it to include in their upcoming Samsung Smartwatch. According to Apple’s strategies, they always give the chance to their competitors first to introduce new technology, and then they release the features with more advanced functionality and to level up the performance.

The new accessibility features will be included in 2022, 2023, or later but not this year. If the feature gets introduced to any smartwatch that will be great benefits for the diabetes patient. 

Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone13 will be rumored on the stage this September. Sunset gold is expected as the new color variant. There are rumors that the iPhone 13 was expected to be in bubblegum pink and black but now it is clear that the sunset gold will make its appearance look better.

You may get this iPhone13 as, iPhone13 Mini, iPhone13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 is coming up with an extended capacity that can be fueled by wireless charging methods. It also enables the reverse charging feature. For a more advanced feature, you may check the iPhone’s back- here a wireless charging coil & Magnet sets are enabled.

Samsung and Oneplus have already included this reverse charging feature in the Samsung Galaxy Note S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S21, OnePlus 8 Pro.

Last year due to a pandemic, no iPhone has debuted in the market, and the wait is so long for the iPhone 13 set. Now in September 2021, customers are so excited for the new iPhone release. There was confusion about the release event of iPhone 13 whether it will be organized publicly or on the virtual media platform so here we are confirming in this event it’s all going to be on the virtual mode in September.

The price of the iPhone 13 will be the same as iPhone 12.  The price will not go down but also it will not cross its previous product. Talking about the appearance, you will see a bit increase in round thickness, and the camera quality and bump will boost up. No additional change in the size of the iPhone13. According to rumors the iPhone 13 Mini size ranges to 5.4inches, iPhone13 and iPhone13pro will be the same size 6.1, iPhone 13 Pro max will be 6.7 inches.

The notch is going to shrink in iPhone13 and will slim to 26.8mm. You’ll get more advanced periscope camera features to capture the best shots in the best modes, light detection ranging sensor, zoom accessibilities enabled. You’ll enjoy the night mode shooting with advanced ultrawide angle lens camera capabilities. 

New updates and releases every day so things are not confirmed until the product’s release. We are keeping our eyes on news like you all so for the final specification we have to wait for a month.

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