5 Ways to Resolve the App Crash Issue!!

Nowadays phones are assembled with numerous functionalities. Some of them are inbuilt and some of them are available on app stores. These functionalities and apps consume a huge amount of space on your phone both android and iPhone. While you are working on these apps it accidentally gets crashed and shut down.

Every time you try to access the interface of these apps it behaves in an unfamiliar way. To access these apps properly you may try the following ways.

The app crashes events on both ends so whether you are a developer or a normal iPhone and android user. Both people have gone through the app crash scenario. Although, the developer has technical knowledge so he can better understand the problem or bugs occur in respective apps. The app developers experience these scenarios the most as compared to end-users.

How to deal with app crash events?

To resolve the app crash issues, you may try the following ways:

Force stop app:

If you are facing difficulties accessing an app, and it crashes down we simply leave it to respond automatically or make an instant exit and try to access the interface again. It’s simple and very general. But it doesn’t make any difference. 

If you are unable to exit then locate the three barline buttons at the bottom of your phone screen that will show you the recently visited apps of your phone, you can tap on close all apps. 

The other way to force stop the apps is that you can go to the setting function icon and locate the storage option to manage the activity and status of the app. Select the app and hit on the force stop, the app will stop working then come out the functionality.

Wait for a while then try to open it again. 

Reboot or Force restart or factory reset

If any app is not processing well it may because it has not received any important system files and that is the cause of app crashes events. In that case, you may reboot the phone so it can recollect the important data and system files to proceed properly.

To reboot the phone you just have to press the power button. Once the phone gets switched off, all the processes and apps running on your phone will stop working soon. 

You can also try a force restart option in which you have to use the power button and volume buttons together, press and hold these buttons at least for 10seconds, and then it will shut down, wait and turn on again.

In case the two attempts get failed you may perform a hard reset option, this option is quite risky. Because factory reset will take your phone in that state when you have purchased the phone that means it will be just like the new phone. The data stored on your phone will wipe off shortly.

If you are an iPhone user then to act as a factory reset, press the home button and power off button together.

An updated version of the app

To save our internet data, we just turn off all the app updates or put them on hold. We made several changes to in-app store settings so the apps will only be updated while the WiFi is turned on. If you have not updated the app for a long time the app may behave unfamiliarly.

Updates are the advanced functionalities that make the app experiences better for end-users. In the updated version of the apps, all previous versions bugs get fixed and the app is available in the answer version with some additional functionalities.

If the apps are not updated timely, the app may lack the internal functionalities and crashes while you are going to perform any important action.

To access this app you go to the play store and update the significant app so you can access the app without any disturbance or functionality bugs and errors. Once the app is updated, go and check if it is working well.

Uninstall the app and download it again

If an app crashes down just uninstall the app and wait for a while and download it again. Many users have a habit to access the app just after it shows the status downloaded. Wait a moment as the app is setting up the functionality and the system files to process efficiently, the process may get disturbed in between so wait. When the app is properly installed it will show in the app store.

Now you can access the app and do whatever you want to do with it.

Official App support

All 3 ways will be helpful to resolve the bug of app crashes. If you are still facing difficulty accessing the app interface then the app help manual may help you. While an app is available on the app store for the users they also provide the documentation of app support or visit the official website of the app. 

You can also search for the solution on different technical support forums where the users like you post their queries regarding the app bugs and functionality issues so you can find the one solution according to your problem. Visit the official forums of subjective apps.

Another most simple way to just type the bug or issue on a web browser search bar you will get the results regarding the problem and try the best solution matched with your expectations.

Data turned off

Many apps only function well when data connectivity enables. Check if the internet connection is turned on or off.

If the app crashes because of data connectivity issues then by enabling the data connectivity button you can get access to the app and perform the actions.

If the data is turned off, a message may also popup on the screen to remind you that the data connectivity is off.

Developer Guide: app crashes events

All the ways we have mentioned here will be helpful to normal smartphone users. If you are a developer and facing the issues of app crashes or if you are unable to access the interface of the app the reason may be common or differ. 

To make the app better, other developers try to assemble all the functionalities; this may lack memory to collect the data and activate the functionalities for future usage. 

So, to make the app reliable you should pay attention to memory and find a way to manage it properly. You can purchase the support tools to identify the bugs.

To get the accessibility and solution from the developer’s end you have to check on the different blog posts that relate to the bugs.


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