5 Simple Tips to Hire a Dedicated PHP Developer

Do you have a project and are searching for a PHP Developer to handle it? Well, hiring a developer has never been an easy job.

A PHP Developer plays a crucial role in the project. The PHP Developer is a person who is responsible for delivering your idea into a functional and scalable website. This person will create the online brand of your business that will allow you to connect with customers in the highly competitive virtual world.

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So it is essential to hire a well-skilled PHP Developer. Resumes do not show the real face always, and the sorting of the right candidate made it more difficult. Here are some simple tips for hiring a PHP Developer.

Experience: Experience and expertise are the key attributes of a developer. The experience of a developer depends on his core skills, coding techniques, and domain knowledge. The selection of a developer also relies on the requirement of your website. You can choose a beginner, mid-level, or highly experienced PHP Developer.

If you want to build a website from scratch and up to a mark, an experienced developer will be an excellent fit for the project. It is expected to a developer to have sufficient knowledge, technical expertise, and relevant skills while hiring a PHP web developer for your website.

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Previous Projects: While selecting an offshore PHP development company or a dedicated PHP Developer, it is significant to check their previous work. Asking for their relevant work, case studies, and customer testimonials show that developers have worked with reputed companies and evaluate how good the company is.

The selection of a good offshore company will save you from most of the troubles linked with quality and timeframe. In addition to this, you can free yourself from micromanagement of things like technical staff, PM, resources, etc.

A Communication Architect: Communication is the cornerstone of everything. A PHP Developer must be conversant with various modes such as audio, video, web, phone, and email messages. In most of the cases, it is noted that the communication with the developer and business owners over skype or phone calls are more effective and fruitful than lengthy emails. Talking over calls is generally smooth and maintains a flow. It is also essential to know whether the PHP developer is comfortable in English or not.

Adaptability: Every PHP Developer must keep himself connected with the latest business trends and updated technologies to sustain in the market. In this competitive world, PHP Developers must be able to understand the client’s requirements and deliverables. Plus, they should be flexible enough to work with tight deadlines.

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Attitude Matters:

We all know that the skill sets matter a lot, but attitude matters the most. Hire a PHP Developer who can quickly adapt changes, willing to learn something new, interested in seminars or events. The PHP Developer must be able to take responsibility if anything goes wrong and always want to achieve more than the target.


Don’t hesitate! Always ask questions and clarify things in order to eliminate ambiguity. The time you have decided to hire a PHP Developer, you should mention all the details on the contract like final deliverables, the number of resources, timeframe, testing time, server and hosting cost, credentials, NDA, etc.and get it signed. Ensure to list the milestones detailing cost breakup to avoid confusion in the future.

All the terms and conditions should be crystal clear.

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Final Words: Hiring is not simple, and especially when it comes to hiring a PHP developer. There are so many sources available in the market that claim them “The Best,” but we all know what eventually happens. To hire a good developer, ask them the right questions depending upon the project, their approach, and the timeline. That’s it! BOOM! You are done.

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