5 Amazing Gmail Accessibilities that You Should Try Now!

Any individual that has an android smartphone also uses the Gmail app and its features. Gmail is an amazing resource to communicate and build relationships with the people around you. It offers bucketful accessibilities that many users are not aware of.

Do you know these 5 Gmail features?

Gmail is a free service offered by Google. You only need to create an account on Gmail and the features and accessibilities will open to use full of efficiency.

To manage your Gmail Inbox efficiently you can try the following accessibilities it will give you the potential to make your Gmail experience better.

Activate Confidential Mode

You can set some constraints on the mail you are going to send to a specific person. It is a great utility feature offered by Gmail to its users while you need to keep the information hidden from others and that should only be disclosed within your organization.

By activating the confidential mode you have the accessibility to set the expiry date duration for an email message in addition to this you can also make access constraints like no other unauthorized person can view or access, copy, forward, manipulate the mail information. 

As an advanced feature, passwords can also be generated to protect email information.

Undo email

Gmail is mainly used to send information through email. Many times in a rush we send the email with incomplete details it may put you into trouble. Now you have the accessibility to undo the mail and correct your mistakes by filling in the appropriate details like file attachments, recipient’s name, link access, or other mistakes.

All this thing is possible by the timer, Go to Gmail Settings tab > General Settings >Undo Send Settings> set the timer duration > save changes.

Now you can ‘undo’ the mail and modify the details within the duration. The drawback of this feature is that it will take to deliver the mail to the destination address.

Create Email Aliases

It’s a safety feature offered by Gmail to give you relief from unnecessary sender’s mails/ conversations. You can search or sign in to the web with this new aliases mail address. All the popup notifications/ advertisements/ updates will be forwarded to your aliases email account from where you can filter the important emails. It will save you to unsecured web addresses and will keep your personal information protected from spammers. 

You can also check on which site or platform your details get disclosed or used. You can type on the web to create the alias email account follow the steps given by support. 

Block non-relevant email

If the email is non-relevant to you then you can block them and save your productivity and time. You will no longer receive the non-important emails from a specific email address and they will be directly moved to the spam folder of your Gmail.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Half of the tasks will be performed easily if you will learn the shortcuts of the Gmail inbox. To know all about the shortcut keys you can simply hit the Shift+?

To access the shortcuts, you can make changes to Gmail settings by enabling the toggle.

Basic shortcuts

Ctrl+Enter Send Email

Ctrl+Shift+B Add BCC recipients

Ctrl+Shift+C Add CC recipients

Ctrl+Shift+C Draft

For more advanced shortcuts and tech tips visit here again!

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