3 Trends you may not know about Rummy

If you are a card game lover, bet you would have played rummy at least once. Rummy is such a fun and interesting game that no one is immune to its charm. Rummy players swear by the game as they opine that nothing could be challenging and interesting at the same as it is with rummy.

Rummy is indeed a popular game catching up the fascination of everyone from young to old. Perhaps, be it any get-togethers, parties or functions, playing cards rummy rules seems to be the game of choice to light up the atmosphere, infuse more fun and have the active participation from all.

Of late, there have been some amazing trends in the world of rummy which you may not be aware. These trends are so promising that they are here to stay.

Trend #1: More and more people switching to online rummy

Believe it or not, but the fact is we have a large number of people playing online rummy. Their growing numbers indicate the changing trend – how a quintessential rummy that you played in your neighborhood with your friends and family framing your own rummy ruleshas made it big on the internet. Today, people like to play within their cozy environs on their PCs, laptops and hand-held devices such as smartphones and tabs.

Also, with the availability of the 24×7 games online and the convenience to play anytime anywhere is lucrative enough to get you hooked. This trend is here to stay and will ring in a big wave of change in the coming years.

Trend #2: Mobiles making in-roads into the world of rummy

As India has the second largest number of mobile phone users in the world next to China, the smartphone user base is increasing rapidly as well.  Owing to this growth, smartphones makers are penetrating small villages and towns in the country. Furthermore, there has been an increase in the usage of internet also on these smartphones.

Another positive trend that is making an impact is the increase in the number of players playing rummy on their mobiles. While rummy rules remain the same in the online format too, it is convenience that takes precedence and makes players opt to play on their mobiles. Taking cognizance of this growing trend, almost all rummy websites have made their apps available to download and play with fun unlimited and uninterrupted.

Trend #3: Rummy is not all about cash any more

As the players have increased, so have the reasons for playing it. If we still have those experts and avid-rummy players who play for cash, there is a growing community of rummy players who play the game just for fun and some entertainment. Rummy for them is not about winning cash. Hence, of late we have rummy websites offering bonuses and rewards in the form of gift vouchers, discount coupons, meal coupons etc. They offer special promotions during weekends, special days or festivals. These are quite interestingly a hit with casual players, women and youngsters.

Play more; have fun more

If these trends are any insights into the future, then rummy is all set to witness a huge and expanding community of its patrons online too.

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